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Ark sweet taste charm

E-cigarettes with flavors like cherry cola, green gummy bears, cotton candy, bright packaging, and names like Elf Bar and Lost Mary strong pull About teenage taste. Many people are drawn to his TikTok videos. Underage e-cigarette use is soaring in the UK and elsewhere, putting new generations at risk of becoming addicted to nicotine. However, research shows that e-cigarettes are overall safer than cigarettes and help adults quit smoking. How can we prevent e-cigarettes from becoming a path to nicotine addiction in his teens, and make them available as a path out of tobacco addiction for smokers?

E-cigarettes are still a relatively new product, and their long-term health effects are unknown. There is evidence that their vapors may contain substances that can cause lung disease, heart disease, and cancer, albeit in much smaller amounts than cigarette smoke.nicotine can harm It can cause brain development, mood disorders and attention disorders in young people. Studies in animals suggest that early exposure to nicotine may make you more susceptible later to addictive substances, including tobacco.the study showHowever, smokers find it more helpful than nicotine gum or nicotine patches to help them quit.

The United States experienced its own panic in 2018 over the underage “vaping epidemic.” This was boosted by Juul and earlier generations of products dominated by sleek flash-drive-style devices that used interchangeable flavored “pods.” U.S. regulators stepped up crackdowns, and in 2020 Donald Trump banned most flavors from his vape pods and cartridges. Regulatory pressure and lawsuits alleging it sold products to minors led Juul to downsize. Shadow of its former self.

But the US crackdown has spurred the development of a new wave of disposable e-cigarettes, many of which are made in China. Their use is now booming, especially across the Atlantic. A study last month in the North West of England found that one seventh School children aged 14-17 smoke e-cigarettes regularly, up from just 6% three years ago. The UK government has endorsed e-cigarettes as an aid to quitting smoking, but is now discussing curbing their use by minors.

Banning e-cigarettes is one route, dozens of countries Includes Australia (excluding prescription products), India and Mexico. But banning fruit-flavored e-cigarettes alone risks people reverting to smoking cigarettes and illegal or smuggled e-cigarettes. The industry has released research suggesting that the pleasant flavor of vaping is a key tool in attracting and switching adult smokers.

Vapes are subject to specific safety regulations and most advertising and sale to minors is prohibited in the UK and many European countries. However, as a potentially harmful nicotine-containing product, there is a strong push for simple packaging and point-of-sale restrictions similar to cigarettes. It remains available to adults, allowing governments and healthcare organizations to conduct targeted information campaigns. However, given the role of user-generated content in social media, managing the marketing of e-cigarettes to minors is more difficult than it was in the days of Big Cigarettes.

Taxes also have a role to play. The relatively small tax on e-cigarettes can make them more difficult for children to afford, but more affordable for adults. EU is planned For the lowest excise tax for the whole block. As with other adult products such as alcohol whose potential harm is manageable, e-cigarettes must remain accessible for those who wish to participate. We still have work to do to protect it.

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