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Anchor Brewing update provided by group trying to save brewery

(KRON) — A group of Anchor Brewing Company employees trying to save the brewery is set to start talking to investors, they said Monday. A GoFundMe for the iconic San Francisco brewery has raised more than $90,000 as of Monday.

After 127 years, Anchor Brewing stopped production in July due to financial struggles. Unionized employees then banded together in an effort to purchase the brewery and save it from closing.

“We are one week into this fundraiser and WOW!! We reached our $50,000 goal in just a few days and the number continues to grow. The amount of support in just 7 days really speaks to how much San Francisco wants Anchor Brewing, and its 127 year legacy, to continue to stay in San Francisco!” Anchor SF Cooperative said in an update Monday.

The funds that have been raised will help the group pay the bills for the organizations and legal team that has been helping it.

It is now set to embark on “Phase 2” of its plan. That involves talking to investors and pitching a plan to bring back Anchor Brewing.

KRON4 reported in July that there are about 24 investors who expressed interest in buying all or some of the company.

“Given our deep respect for the Anchor Union and our team members, should our employees put forward a bona-fide, legally binding offer to buy the Company, one that includes a verifiable source of funds, we would gladly consider it,” Anchor Brewing Company said in July.

https://www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/anchor-brewing-group-provides-update-on-future-of-brewery-after-raising-90k/ Anchor Brewing update provided by group trying to save brewery

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