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Alcohol Delivery Service: Several Things you Need to Know

Want to purchase beverages via an alcohol delivery service but have no idea what to focus on while making your choice of where to order? The answer can be found here.

Most probably, you have once felt the moments when you are sitting at home, longing for Campari, only to find out you are out of vermouth or Aviator gin.

You could pull out your skateboard and even hop in the car, but it is extremely hot out there. Moreover, nobody guarantees that the closest alcohol store will possess your favorite brand of vermouth or any other alcohol. So, your trip can result in wasting time and petrol.

We bet you have heard numerous commentaries from your friends or colleagues regarding alcohol delivery services. Some had exciting experiences, while others faced terrible service. Here, we are going to cast light on several aspects to consider while ordering alcohol delivery in Singapore and worldwide. So, a perfect alcohol delivery service that promises a wonderful client experience should look as depicted further in this article.

Alcohol Delivery Service: Several Things you Need to Know

Alcohol Delivery Service App: How it Operates

An alcohol delivery app ensures alcohol retailers (as a rule, small businesses and startups) represent an e-commerce platform via the app. Utilizing this app, clients can explore a rich assortment of alcohol, involving gin, wine, whiskey, beer, vodka, and much more.

As soon as the user has selected the desired brand and quantity of alcohol, they can simply plan their order delivery time. The last in truly good delivery apps can either be realized from directly the retailer’s side or they could organize a 3rd party delivery service to perform all deliveries.

A perfect alcohol delivery service app should operate according to the following principles; otherwise, it would be better for you to search for another one:

  • Once the clients have downloaded the app, they require creating a profile and after that, they are allowed to shop;
  • A great app should have over a thousand alcohol shop representatives (both local and global ones). Such a variety enables the clients to select preferred alcohol from stores with just a click of the button;
  • After the client places the order, alcohol delivery app coordinators prepare as well as pack the items;
  • Finally, the package is picked up by the app’s courier staff that then brings parcels within several hours/days (depending on the customer location) to the client’s doorstep.

Features of an Ideal Alcohol Delivery App

  • Comfortable Sign Up.

A great app must provide clients with the opportunity to quickly sign up implementing Facebook, Instagram, or any other existing social media client account. As a good alternative, customers must be able to register with their contact details and email ID. A simple sign-up procedure presupposes maximum engagement;

  • Push Messages.

Push notifications support in making the clients informed regarding their order status and discounts/special offers delivered by the alcohol store representative. Such notifications also alert the stores about all the novel orders so that they start preparing packages asap;

  • Doc Upload/Verification.

This function enables the clients to upload the must-have docs to their accounts to ensure the eligibility to buy alcohol online. The alcohol delivery sector works under strict regulations. This feature assists in authorizing the age of the customers to guarantee they are eligible to utilize the app and purchase alcohol;

  • In-App Conversation/Navigation.

Practicing in-app chat, the clients can effortlessly interact with the delivery coordinator without the necessity to log off the app. They can confirm the order status as well as support the coordinator in gaining the client’s location.

Client-oriented alcohol delivery apps are integrated with a GPS location platform. This function ensures the customers monitor the location of the delivery coordinator in real-time. Moreover, the monitoring screen depicts and records the tentative arrival period of their order;

  • Voice Command.

This advanced feature makes apps extremely popular among tech-savvy clients. They can purchase online via utilizing voice commands, such as Amazon Alexa or Siri. In case you are fond of smart technologies, search for alcohol delivery apps with a voice command to get a top-performance client experience;

  • Real-time Tracking.

With the help of this feature, clients can detect the current location of the courier personnel. Additionally, clients can guide couriers with the most optimal route to the final destination;

  • Multiple Payment Options.

It is incredible when alcohol delivery apps offer multiple payment types to clients to conduct fast and simple payments. Check whether the chosen alcohol delivery app possesses the option to pay via PayPal, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, cash on delivery, and so on;

  • Loyalty Programs.

A strong loyalty program stimulates clients to prefer ordering from an online alcohol delivery service rather than shopping at physical stores. Implementing this function, discount vouchers/special offers can be presented to the loyal clients of the app to make them go on ordering in the longer run.

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