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Aaron Carter drowned in bathtub due to drugs, inhalants

Andrew Dalton Associated Press

LOS ANGELES — Singer and rapper Aaron Carter accidentally drowned in a bathtub due to the sedative he took and the gas used in the spray cleaner he inhaled, a coroner’s report said Tuesday.

Carter, the younger brother of Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, was found dead in a bathtub at his Lancaster home on November 5th.

The sedative alprazolam, often sold under the brand name Xanax, was found in his system, as was the compressed gas difluoroethane. Euphoria when inhaled. ”

Reports say the two substances rendered him incapacitated and drowned in the bathtub.

An autopsy was performed the day after Carter’s death, but results were withheld because toxicology tests often take months.

https://www.dailynews.com/2023/04/18/coroner-aaron-carter-drowned-in-tub-due-to-drug-inhalant/ Aaron Carter drowned in bathtub due to drugs, inhalants

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