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A Swarm of ‘Superblooms’ Forces California City to Say No More

LOS ANGELES (AP) β€” The small California city that flooded tourists four years ago when heavy winter rains created wild poppy ‘super blooms’ has a message for its citizens after this year’s floods is sending You may be arrested.

The poppies are beginning to bloom, but so far are small, and the canyon and parking lot where they grow are now completely off-limits, said Lake Elsinore Mayor Natasha Johnson at a press conference, 2019. We talked about the turmoil of the year.

The flowers were beautiful. The scene was a nightmare,” said Johnson.

Poppies can be found throughout California in the spring and summer, but as little as a blanket of gold covered the slopes near Lake Elsinore, a city of 71,000 in Riverside County, about 60 miles (96 km) southeast of Los Angeles, in 2019. It’s not wide.

Walker Canyon was the center of attention. This is a natural area with hiking trails off of busy Interstate 15.

β€œIn 2019, we had a lot of safety incidents on the trails and on our driveways,” Johnson said. “Hundreds of thousands of people, on weekends he could be as many as 100,000 Disneyland-sized crowds, trampling on the very habitats they so appreciated and wanted to enjoy, to experience nature.” I did.”

Johnson said people parked their cars illegally along highways and neighborhoods were so congested that parts of the city were essentially fragmented, making it difficult for emergency services and residents to go to shops or work. It affects your ability to do

People waited in line for hours to see the canyon, but many were unprepared for the hike and got hurt.

California Highway Patrol Lt. Craig Palmer said authorities have already begun patrolling the area for saturation and that the highway shoulder will only be used in emergencies.

Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco warned that parking violations are absolutely unacceptable and could result in your vehicle being towed or worse.

“This is a misdemeanor and you will be arrested and put in jail,” Bianco said.

The mayor said Lake Elsinore usually welcomes visitors, but the 2019 phenomenon came at a price too high for residents.

“This weekend, I’d recommend focusing on the Super Bowl, not the Super Bloom,” she said.

https://www.ksby.com/news/california-news/super-bloom-swarms-force-california-city-to-say-no-more A Swarm of ‘Superblooms’ Forces California City to Say No More

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