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A Night at the Cinemark: A Painful Reminder of Our Need for Empathy

Last week, I decided to take a much-needed break from my life as a stage 4 cancer patient and went to the Cinemark theatre to watch the movie “Sound of Freedom.” I thought it would be a peaceful and perhaps uplifting evening. How wrong I was!

I settled into my seat, aware of the pain in my right thigh. Lymphoma had settled there, and a dull ache was a constant reminder of my ongoing battle. As the movie began, I found myself absent-mindedly touching my thigh, caught between fear and hope. Was it just a muscle pain, or had my tumors returned?

Distraction and Discomfort

My thoughts were quickly interrupted by the guy sitting beside me. He wouldn’t stop talking to his girlfriend, and his loud voice was breaking my concentration.

Taking a deep breath, I got up and went out to complain about this disruptive individual. But what happened next was something I never expected.

The guy, becoming aware of my complaint, started threatening me. He even accused me of performing inappropriate acts. I was stunned and shocked at his audacity. How could he twist my innocent concern about my health into something so vile?

A Humiliating Eviction

As the movie continued, six security guys approached me. They pulled me up rudely, in full view of everyone in the Cinemark theatre. They began to insult me, and I could barely comprehend what was happening.

They kicked me out of the cinema. They didn’t care about my explanation or my condition. They only saw what that man had accused me of, and they believed him without question.

I have attached a video of this deeply upsetting incident. Their words were cutting, and their actions were harsh. I was so hurt and humiliated that words can hardly describe how I felt.

Reflecting on an Injustice

Here I was, sitting in a movie about human trafficking, worrying about the tumor on my right thigh, being accused of an improper act. The irony was lost on no one but those who should have seen it.

The night was supposed to be a simple escape from my daily struggles. It turned into a painful memory that will forever remind me of how quickly people can judge and how little compassion they can show to others.

What I experienced that night was not just an insult to me as an individual but a representation of the lack of empathy in our society. It was a night that should have been filled with inspiration and hope, yet it became a symbol of all that is wrong with the way we treat those who are different.

The pain in my thigh was real, but it was nothing compared to the pain in my heart. The wound to my dignity will take much longer to heal.

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