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8 Furnishing Items That Are Great Housewarming Gifts

Buying a home is a landmark event in any individual’s life. A Housewarming gift is a great way to congratulate them and wish them well for all the adventures and good times that lie ahead in a home. For anyone looking to select a housewarming gift for friends or family, there is absolutely no dearth of ideas! From the best beauty tools of the year for the lady of the house to some exciting gadgets for the man cave, there are ideas galore! We have put together a list of eight useful housewarming gift ideas that are gender neutral and will be well received by all!

Outdoor Wicker Furniture

An outdoor space left unattended in a home is nothing short of criminal! If you’re friends or family have an outdoor space in their new home, wicker furniture is a great gift idea they will love! Wicker Furniture Direct is a one-stop shop for top quality wicker furniture. Choose a design with a sturdy aluminium frame and UV resistant resin wicker body. This all-weather structure is ideal for outdoors, making a new backyard or balcony the best hangout spot in a home!

Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are all-weather furniture that suits all types of homes. They are a sure shot successful gift that all homeowners would be happy to receive. Accent chairs add character and appeal to interior space and break the monotony of sofas in living rooms. They can be placed in various parts of a home as a statement piece of furniture. Various kinds of accent chairs such as chesterfield chairs, club chairs, chaise lounges and jewel box-shaped chairs are a hit in home decor. Choose accent chairs in bright hues to give your interiors a fun splash of colour. Make sure you look at various types of accent chairs for a living space to zero down on a style that resonates with your style and preference.

Coat Stands

Often overlooked, coat stands are extremely handy when placed in various parts of a home. They can serve as a drop-off spot in your entryway for guests to hang their bags and coats. A coat stand is also a great way to prepare for the next working day by getting your outfit in order. Contemporary coat stands come with trays for accessories such as cufflinks, watches, earrings and more, making for a perfect prep station for every day of the week. Coat stands also add a modern appeal to bedrooms and help create an organized space. Gifting a friend a coat stand for their housewarming is certain to be a prized possession that will be received well. Go for wood and metallic coat stand in a minimalistic design to ensure it blends into any type of home décor. A coat stand can be placed in the foyer, the bedroom or even in the living room.

Foyer Mirrors

Everyone needs a last-minute look check before stepping out of the front door. What better way to look yourself up than with a foyer mirror? A foyer mirror has several benefits. For one, it is known to reflect positive vibes and energy into your home according to Feng Shui. We can never have enough of that, can we? What’s more, foyer mirrors are a unique accent piece that suits narrow passages or entryways and makes them seem wider. Mirrors are a simple and evergreen design element that never goes out of style and blend in with any decor theme. This makes foyer mirrors a great housewarming gift that never goes out of style.


What’s not to love about a splash of refreshing colour in your home? Vases are timeless decor accessories that are ideal for a home setting. Decorate them with real flowers, artificial flowers or potpourri and give your home a splash of colour, fragrance and life! You can place Vases in both indoor and outdoor areas to suit the decor of your home. There are several options in vase designs that appeal to homeowners. Vases come in a range of sizes such as cylindrical vases, Mason Jar designs, Bouquet vases and more. Gifting someone a collection of vases for their housewarming ensures they never run out of colour in their lives!

Collapsible Table

Collapsible tables are a godsend for compact houses. These tables are perfect for a small family but open up generously into a multi-level table when the situation demands. This piece of furniture is ideal if your hosting game is strong despite having a small house. It makes for a perfect gift for a friend who has moved into a compact apartment but enjoys having a social life.

Wrap Up

Housewarming is the perfect occasion to add a touch of personalisation to a home. We hope the above ideas have given you enough inspiration to give your buddies some stylish home décor items for their housewarming!



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