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7 Things to Do in California before a New College Year Starts

California is the place where all the fun is, no doubt about that. You can’t afford to be schooling in a state like California and not have anything to do in a place that has just about any fun activity that you could possibly imagine. And after a whole school year of reading, attending classes, and taking tests, you deserve to kick back and relax, at least until you have to resume for a new college year. Or, if you are just in the middle of your academic year, dedicate your essay writing to experts at a professional writing company like AdvancedWriters.com, and have some rest.

We’ve put together a list of interesting activities and places in California for you and your college friends. The city of excitement awaits!

Visit the Universal Studios

If you’re a movie addict and would love to experience the journey of Hollywood in real-time, then you should visit Universal Studios in California.  The studio is one of the oldest and still vibrant Hollywood film studios in existence, and that’s why it’s a good place for you to trace the movie industry’s history. 

Universal Studio also has a wide array of theme parks and character appearances across its grounds, so you can’t be bored throughout your visit there. The Universal City Walk, a street line located just outside the studio, makes the area more exciting. There you’ll find restaurants, bars, and shops where you can eat, buy things, relax and simply enjoy the view.

Go Hiking

You must have heard many people say that walking is an excellent way to relieve stress. It even gets better if there are beautiful and awe-inspiring sights to see while you’re at it. And anyone who’s ever gone hiking in California would tell you that the state has some of the best views in the world. There are gushing waterfalls, tall trees, a dramatic coastline, many lakes and desert oases, and peaks that you should only see in storybooks. California offers all these and more. And in the process of walking in these hiking areas, you get to experience the feel of being in the wild and seeing different wildlife.

Some hiking trails you should check out in California are:

  • Fern Canyon Trail
  • Boy Scout Tree Trail
  • Rubicon Trail
  • Lost Coast Trail
  • Lands End Trail, etc.

Visit Museums 

California boasts of rich history, a spectacular arts community, and assorted cultures. Thankfully, they have all these stored in world-class museums all around the state. Your school break is the best time to visit these institutions, explore the Golden State’s history, and see their marvelous works of art in all their glory. Who knows? You might find some inspiration for your next college papers. 

You can visit any of the following museums:

  • The Haggin Museum, Stockton
  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco
  • Computer History Museum, Mountain View
  • The Getty Center, Los Angeles
  • Palm Springs Art Museum

Take a Trip to the Beach

We honestly can’t list all the available beaches in California, and this state has lots of them. No matter where you stay in California, there will be a beach nearby where you can go and get some sun and go on a beach date. You can also take a surf (if you’re a surfer) and breathe in a huge gulp of salty air.

If you’d like to go to the beach, here are a few options you can consider. You can always do your research to find which one suits your fancy:

  • El Matador State Beach, Malibu
  • Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur
  • Thousands Steps Beach, Laguna Beach
  • Santa Monica Beach & Pier, Santa Monica
  • Coronado Beach, Coronado, San Diego
  • Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, etc.

Go Partying

Where else would you want to party, apart from one of the most exciting places in the world? The nighttime is usually one of the best times to be out of your house in California. There are countless bars and clubs around the state, and something big is always happening in one or more of those places. So you’re never left without an option of where to go.

So, while you still have your heads out of the books, it’s time to get into your favorite outfit, call up your friends, and have some chill time in some of the best party locations there are. 

Watch Movies at the Cinema

Yes, we know there’s Netflix and other video streaming platforms, but you get a different feeling when you see a movie at the cinema. Believe us; you can’t get that feeling watching a film at home. Besides, going to the cinema gives you the chance to step outside and breathe in some fresh air.

To spice things up, you don’t have to go alone. You can visit the cinema with your friends, or even your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s a whole different experience and one we’re confident you’ll enjoy.

California has quite a long list of cinemas and film houses that you can visit during the holidays.

Go Shopping

Some day, the holiday’s going to end, and you’ll have to go back to school. Now’s the time to go shopping and get yourself everything you think you’ll need in school. California is home to many of the best clothing lines in the world. Even much more than getting clothes, you can always get whatever you need at any of the different department stores scattered around the city. 

Some say shopping is therapeutic. You might want to try it out to see how true of a statement it is.

We admit that college life can be stressful and tasking, and by the time a school year is over, all you want to do is relax and get yourself together for a new session. Fun is one way to get rid of school stress and get back the needed energy for a new session. If you’re schooling in California, you should seize the opportunity of being in one of the best states in the world and have all the fun you can have.


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