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7 Benefits Of Eyelid Surgery with Skin Works Medical Spa

Some people take their appearance much more seriously than others. However, everyone wants to look good and avoid looking run-down.

It is also true that aging happens and once the skin above the upper eyelid starts sagging and drooping, you begin to look older. There is the option of upper eyelid surgery to get rid of those sags and droops. There are several advantages of upper eyelid surgery as explained below:

  1. Look Young Above the Eyes

Upper eyelid surgery is also known as upper blepharoplasty. People opt for this surgery to look younger. If you notice closely, you will find that your upper eyelid has thin and delicate skin. As you age, the amount of collagen in the skin goes down. It is a natural protein that gives that firmness to the skin. With the loss of collagen, the skin loses its firmness and cannot fight gravity which leads to drooping and sagging eyelids.

Everyone’s eyelids droop to some extent but there are also people who are genetically more prone to sagging eyelids or ptosis. Their condition is noticeable at an early age but it gets worse even when they are still in their 20s and 30s. The only reliable and effective way to get rid of excess skin above the eyelids and achieve that younger look is upper blepharoplasty.

  1. You Will Look More Alert

The next time you visit the restroom in the middle of the night, take a close look at your eyes in the mirror. You will probably find your eyes noticeably tired and half-closed. Sagging upper eyelids have the same effect. When the eyelids are unable to keep open properly, it gives that partially closed and drooping look to your eyes. This is the reason many patients who have undergone upper eyelid surgery often get remarks from people about their well-rested look.

  1. Regain Confidence

Beauty isn’t skin deep though they may say otherwise. How you feel about yourself matters.

If you are always concerned about tired or old looks, it feels like a constant weight on your shoulders. You always have that nagging discomfort. In fact, some people are so self-conscious about their looks that they do not want to become part of the family photographs and various other occasions. With the help of upper blepharoplasty surgery, you will be able to regain your confidence and be able to enjoy your life more freely each day.

  1. Better Social Interactions

Have you had people tell you that you seem to be in a bad mood though that’s not the case? You could blame your eyelids for that. Your eyes become narrow when you frown. Once your eyelids start sagging, your eyes always look smaller which gives the impression of making a frown.

Drooping eyelids might give you an always angry resting face and once you get rid of that, it will make a huge positive difference to your social interactions. You will be seen in a much more friendly and positive light and people won’t be afraid of approaching you.

  1. Your Field of Vision Will Improve

For people who aren’t genetically predisposed to drooping eyelids, it is merely a cosmetic issue. On the other hand, people with genes that result in drooping eyelids at a very early age often have a much more severe issue. The things can get so severe that drooping eyelids can fall in front of the eye and interfere with regular vision.

Since the sagging doesn’t happen suddenly, it takes time for people to realize this change. Take this test now: push up your eyebrows with your thumbs. If this improves your vision, chances are upper eyelid surgery would help you enhance your field of vision.

  1. You Won’t Spend as Much Time in Front of the Mirror

Just as people deal with baldness with a wig or scalp micropigmentation, people deal with facial aging in various ways. Some people like to use a variety of tricks and techniques.

The most common technique used for dealing with sagging skin above the eyes is makeup contouring. If you’re used to spending a lot of time in front of the mirror playing with different colors to appear younger, you might be able to save that time after upper eyelid surgery. The surgery will allow you to have a natural definition below the eyebrows and you won’t have to depend on a daily optical illusion to achieve a younger look.

  1. Personalized Options

One of the biggest frustrations with aging is that your face is affected in several ways. There is a high chance that you would want to improve other parts of your appearance in addition to the sagging skin above the eyelids. When you go for upper eyelid surgery, you can also get some other treatments for a more comprehensive younger look.


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