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6-year-old girl used mother’s gun to shoot Virginia teacher, police say

Victim Abby Zwerner saved a student’s life, police chief says.

A first-grade teacher in Virginia is recovering after being shot by a 6-year-old student last week, police say. KTLA’s sister station WAVY reports.

At a news conference Monday, Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew called the shooting unprecedented and teacher Abby Zwerner saved his life that day, pushing other students out of the classroom after being shot in the chest. rice field.

“Abigail is a trooper and a hero…Abigail saved a life,” Drew said.

Zwerner, a James Madison University alumnus, was in the middle of instructing a 6-year-old when he pulled out a 9mm handgun. Zwerner raised her hand to defend herself and the bullet passed through her hand and lodged in her chest.

“She kept all the kids in that room. She was the last one to leave after getting the gunshot wound to make sure the students were safe,” Drew said. added. She is currently listed as in stable condition.

Drew praised the reaction from other school staff and first responders and said there was no physical struggle over the gun prior to the shooting. An unnamed school official ran into the classroom after the shooting and, after calling 911, was able to hold the child until police arrived five minutes later.

According to Drew, the gun was purchased legally in York County by the child’s mother. According to Drew, he had only one shot fired, with multiple shots in the gun’s magazine. Authorities also seized a mobile phone and a rucksack from the scene.

The child’s parents later met with authorities at police headquarters, where the child and mother were questioned, Drew said. The child’s mother has not been charged in connection with the incident and the federal attorney’s office will review the information to determine whether they will be submitted, Drew said. includes a record of the behavior of

The 6-year-old is currently being treated at a medical facility, Drew said, stressing that the shooting was not accidental. declined to provide any other details about

Under Virginia law, a six-year-old cannot be tried as an adult. Additionally, a 6-year-old is too young to exercise juvenile justice custody if convicted. Authorities have not specified where the boy was being held.

George Parker, superintendent of schools for Newport News, is pleased that Zwerner has improved and that the district is providing mental health support to the school community.

Parker explained that the district has safety protocols and all employees are trained for aggressive shooting situations, but citing the unprecedented nature of a child as young as 6 said there was “no way” to shoot the teacher.

“Who would expect a 6-year-old to bring a loaded weapon to school and shoot a teacher?” Parker said.

The school district uses metal detectors at the middle school level, Parker said, but Friday’s shootings prompted the district to consider using them at the elementary school level as well. He also spoke about other measures currently in place, such as video surveillance.

There will be no Richneck Elementary classes until at least the third week of January. Parker said he is still getting feedback from the school community on when classes should resume.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

https://ktla.com/news/6-year-old-used-mothers-gun-to-shoot-virginia-teacher-police-say/ 6-year-old girl used mother’s gun to shoot Virginia teacher, police say

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