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6 Things to Look Out for to Avoid Scam Websites When Buying Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that only exists electronically. This means that there is no physical coin or bill. The most popular type of cryptocurrency is bitcoin. Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have become significantly popular. This is because of the involvement of famous people and entrepreneurs in the crypto market. Its popularity and acceptance have led to some countries like El Salvador legalizing its use as a legal tender. However, as the crypto market continues to grow, scammers also continue to target people looking to get into the market. Crypto scams have become quite popular, and a lot of people have lost millions to these scammers.

Things to look out for to avoid scam websites when buying cryptocurrencies

You can buy cryptocurrencies online via crypto websites. However, many of the websites you may stumble upon are scam sites looking to cheat you off your money. Below are some things you can look out for to avoid getting scammed.

Pay attention to links from social networks and emails

One of the top ways scammers find their victims is through phishing. Phishing is a cybercrime where a scammer contacts targets by email or phone messages posing as legitimate institutions. The aim of phishing is usually to lure people into providing sensitive data. The data is then used to steal from the people. Scam crypto websites may use phishing scams to get information from you. For instance, they may ask you to click on a link to get information or deals or protect your assets. You will then be lured into providing personal information which will be used against you. Therefore, you should always be on the lookout for websites that send such emails.

Look out for websites promising quick returns on investment

Scam websites also use various tricks to attract users to invest or buy cryptocurrencies from them. For instance, a website may offer mining performance and promise quick returns on investment. More often than not, as soon as these scammers get access to your money, you are done for. They use these tricks to lure clients then disappear with their money. Therefore, before falling for such promises, it would be wise to find out more about the website and the legitimacy of what they are offering. Remember, “when the deal is too good, think twice.”

Look out for initial cryptocurrency offerings

Some scam crypto websites also use ICO scams, known in full as Initial Cryptocurrency Offerings. These are mechanisms that these scam websites use to create fraudulent schemes. Typically, these websites go public with cryptos at low prices, convince many people to invest, and then disappear with the money. Therefore, you must be very careful when dealing with such websites. It would be wise to avoid such websites altogether.

Avoid non-established websites

Another way you can avoid getting scammed when you buy bitcoin is by staying away from non-established websites or providers. Instead, it would be wise to stick to tested, verified, and established providers. Before taking part in any transactions on a site for buying bitcoin and other digital currencies, you should ensure that it is legitimate.

Ensure your PC is protected against malware

You can also protect yourself from scammers by installing an antivirus and other tools to help protect you from malware. It is worth mentioning that you are at a higher risk if you plan to buy bitcoin with credit card. Therefore, you must be extremely careful.

Always double-check the address

It would also help to check the address twice before performing any transactions or buy cryptocurrencies. Check to ensure that the URL bar features a secure lock symbol. You must also double-check the website link to ensure that you are visiting and using the correct site. This way, you can avoid clown sites. Clown sites are usually designed to resemble legitimate websites. they may be 100% similar to the other website but slightly differ in the link (usually a letter, symbol, or the hosting).


While there are numerous scam websites on the internet, there are also several legitimate sites to buy digital currencies. You can use your digital currencies for buying gift cards and other products, depending on the provider. However, before you can buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies, you must first purchase the currencies from the best sites.

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