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5 Ways Pet Insurance Can Save You Money

It’s important to protect your finances. From learning how to budget well, save an emergency fund, have insurance to protect the things you love, and exercising healthy investing habits, there are many ways to take care of your wallet. 

Did you know pet insurance can help, too? Pet insurance not only protects your pet’s health and makes sure they have access to the treatment they need, but it can also help protect your wallet! There are many ways pet insurance can help save you money. 

Let’s take a closer look at five ways pet insurance can save you money and how to decide if pet insurance is right for you! 

1. Recurring Expenses

The most basic way pet insurance can save you money is on recurring expenses. There are many expenses that recur when you own a pet. For instance, regular veterinary exams, medication, dental exams, healthy dog food, and more. 

These costs are likely factored into your decision before you get a pet. Can you afford these expenses? While they aren’t that expensive when considered individually, they can add up after a while. This is one of the benefits of pet insurance! 

Pet insurance covers many recurring expenses like annual checkups, veterinary visits, dental exams, and more. While you’ll pay a small copay and monthly premium, it can still save you money on these costs. This is an excellent way to take care of your pet without having to break the bank. 

2. Vaccinations

Another way pet insurance protects you is with vaccinations. If you’re adopting a puppy, kitten, or pet that doesn’t have their required shots, you’ll have to make sure they receive these. This can include original shots, core vaccines, and additional shots you choose to give them. 

In addition to these initial vaccinations, your dog and cat will need yearly vaccinations. These protect your pet from contracting diseases, spreading them, and can help them stay healthy. Covering vaccinations is one way pet insurance helps keep your pet healthy and prevent disease. This can save you from having to pay these expenses out of pocket each year! 

3. Sickness

Does pet insurance cover your dog or cat in the event that they get sick? Yes! Pet insurance helps save you money when your pet gets sick. Whether they contract a disease, illness, or injury, pet insurance should help cover expenses relating to initial diagnosis, course of treatment, medications, surgeries, procedures, and recovery. 

These expenses can really break the bank, so pet insurance can save you a lot of money if your pet gets sick. It’s important to note that some pet insurance plans may not cover preexisting conditions. For instance, if your pup has diabetes, you may not receive coverage from insurance for any of these costs. 

There may be additional types of pet insurance you can purchase to cover some of these costs, but most insurance policies will only cover sickness that wasn’t preexisting. Still, this can save you a lot of money in the long run! 

4. Prevention and Early Detection

Pet insurance covers many emergency scenarios, like injuries and surgeries. However, some policies also cover prevention costs. Prevention is key for keeping your pet happy and healthy. This involves vaccinations, annual check-ups, lab testing, and regular examinations to make sure your pet is healthy. 

Pet insurance can cover the expenses of prevention and early detection, which not only saves you money now, but saves you from spending more if diseases and illnesses may have progressed! 

5. Emergency Treatments and Procedures

Likely the most expensive costs related to pets are the emergency costs. If your dog swallows a sharp object, eats human food that’s poisonous, or gets hurt while exploring outside, they may end up needing a procedure or surgery. 

Surgeries are expensive, even for dogs. Having to cough up thousands of dollars out of pocket to cover surgery expenses isn’t ideal. So, let pet insurance cover it! After paying a small deductible fee, you’ll be able to provide treatment for your dog without having to pay for all of it. 

 Do You Need Pet Insurance?

There are many ways pet insurance can save you money, both now and in the long-term. So, if you’re wondering whether insurance coverage is worth it, the answer is yes. Pet insurance is the best way to protect your pet and your finances all in one. With coverage for small and large expenses, you can have peace of mind! 


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