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5 Things Every Educator Should Look For In Schools Before Applying

Teachers go through so much and don’t always get enough credit. It’s a rough lifestyle that involves a lot of unpaid work, especially emotional labor. That’s why every educator should thoroughly vet the school district that they’re applying to.

 You want to make sure that their ethics and values align with yours, and that it will be a comfortable fit. Beyond that, there are a few other things that you should make sure your school system has in place before accepting a position.

 If you haven’t already thought of these 3 things that your school system should have, then don’t worry. You can always talk to your school about implementing changes if necessary, but if you haven’t already applied, then here are 3 things that ever educator needs to have in their school.

Payment System

While processing payments is thankfully not up to educators, if your school doesn’t have a good system in place, then you’re still likely to hear a ton of complaints. Being a part of a school with a proper payment system gives teachers, and their students, once less thing to worry about.

 So, what type of system should you be looking for? In this day and age, there should be online payments for schools available. No one wants to write a check anymore or stop in with their credit card. Having an online payment system eliminates a ton of stress for students and staff alike.

 It may not be the first thing you think of when vetting a school system, but it’s an important consideration. You can’t underestimate the value and convenience of an online payment system.

Anti-bullying Program

Whether you’re teaching kindergarten or high school, there needs to be an anti-bullying program in place. There’s no excuse for a school system not to have some kind of program in place where bullying is never tolerated.

 Having an anti-bullying program will make the school a safer place for students and staff. It will create a more positive atmosphere and prevent potentially dangerous situations from arising.

If your school already has a program in place, then great! If not, then this should be a serious cause for concern. There have been too many tragedies due to bullying that could have been avoided. Make sure any school your applying to has a strick anti-bullying program in place that is well enforced.

Focus On The Arts

Sometimes with budget cuts and the effects of the pandemics, arts and creative classes are the first to suffer. Schools that place an important focus on art and music have a better chance at reaching every student and fostering a sense of creativity that’s crucial for learning and development.

In today’s virtual world, there’s no excuse for cutting out an art or theater program. Some schools even held a virtual play when the pandemic shut down schools. You should make sure that your school has a solid focus on the more creative side of learning because your students will suffer without it.

Proper Support

Educators don’t always receive enough support in their position, and it’s truly a shame. A lack of support from your colleagues can lead to an instance of educator burnout, which has unfortunately become more common in recent years.

 When you’re considering applying to a new school, it’s a good idea to feel it out first. Talk to the other teachers that work there and ask them their opinion. Have they felt supported by their colleagues? Is there more that should be done to help with their workload?

 This will give you a good idea of whether this school is the right one for you. Educators deserve to be supported, especially with all the changes that they’ve had to adapt to during the pandemic. Don’t undervalue your own sense of value, and find a school that offers the support you deserve.

Great After-Schools

Most teachers love hosting an after school activity whether that’s a creative writing group, LGBT meetings, or sports club. If this is something that you’re interested in, then you’ll want to make sure that the school you’re applying to has that as an option.

 You can check out the school’s website to see a full list of their after-school activities, or even call and ask. Your forwardness and eagerness will reflect positively on you and set a good tone for your application. If the school is missing an after-school that you’d love the opportunity to host, then don’t be shy about mentioning it.

Final Thoughts

Educators are some of the most versatile workers and you deserve to work in a school that suits you. Aside from the normal things you want to look for when applying to a school, here are 5 things that you should make sure any school you apply to has in place. It will help you pick the perfect school for you, and allow you to feel confident in your choice.


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