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5 Grad Gift Ideas For Cyclists

A big graduation deserves a big reward, and an adult electric bike is an excellent choice. Made for speed and convenience, electric bikes are great for new and experienced riders alike. Of course, the right bike will also need excellent accessories, so it’s important to find the right gifts for your cycling graduate.

Add a Fun Adult Trike To Their Collection

There is nothing quite as cool as an adult trike. Finding the best electric tricycle for adults is easy when you know what you’re looking for. The right option will have multiple color options that allow you to choose something that the graduate will truly love. Of course, sleek looks are only part of finding the right trike for your grad, though.

Electric tricycles have classic handlebars and the three wheels necessary for easy riding, but the lightweight frame is also outfitted with electric battery power that makes the adult version of your tricycle perfect for everything from a leisurely ride through the neighborhood to running errands. Motor assistance provides additional speed and stability to ensure it’s a safe, speedy ride even for those who don’t consider themselves to be good cyclists.

Cool Bike Accessories and Snack Packs

Whether your grad has a two-wheeled electric bike or an adult tricycle, he or she needs to have the right accessories to make riding more convenient and fun. One of the most convenient accessories is a bike basket for beach cruiser. In fact, many are built onto the bike itself. A basket on a bike makes it easier to transport groceries or other items when running errands. It also provides an excellent place to carry picnic ingredients, books, or anything else needed for a day at the park or the beach. There are several other accessories to consider as well.

  • Portable Air Compressor –A portable air compressor is essential if your grad does a lot of riding. The small accessory fits right into a basket or a backpack and provides the air needed if the rider gets a flat when they’re too far from a pump. The right pump has built-in air sensors that help the rider get the exact pressure they want.
  • Bike Lock –Bike locks are important if the rider plans to run errands on a bike. Even a basic lock will help to protect the bike, but if someone wants to take it further, they can find anti-theft locks that include GPS systems and alarms.
  • Rearview Mirrors –Rearview mirrors help to protect riders when they’re on busier roads. Mount them to the handlebars to see when someone is coming up from the rear.
  • Cell Phone Mount – A cell phone mount makes it easy to answer calls, use GPS directions, and more while riding. Some electric bikes even allow riders to charge their phones or collect distance and speed information while they’re riding.

From commuting to casual riding, there is something for everyone for the cyclist in your life. Find the right gift for your grad to bring a big smile to his or her face.

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