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4 Ways to Improve Sales Training in Your Company

Task Drive reports that the ROI from an investment in sales training is over 300%. Yet, 85% of sales managers aren’t happy with the quality of their company’s training programs.

So, here are some tips from sales training companies to boost the quality of your programs to reap the full benefits of coaching your salespeople.

Customize the learning

Your salespeople have different strengths and weaknesses. Rolling out the same coaching isn’t likely to benefit everyone the same way. So, consider offering a wide range of courses and activities that can speak to different needs.

Also, learning is seldom a one size fits all affair. So, it helps to be sensitive to your team’s needs and customize your coaching to different learning styles. Your team is more likely to resonate with the program and grasp learning if it’s delivered in their preferred style.

Visual learners can better understand concepts through sight-based materials, such as charts and infographics. A crystal-clear message for auditory learners comes through sound with learning tools such as podcasts or discussions. Kinesthetic learners catch on faster with hands-on active learning and simulations.

Make your training flexible

In-person learning and company workshops help by providing instant feedback and group support. However, expecting your team to block out chunks of their day to attend training may not always be feasible.

It’s often more practical and productive for reps to work around their own schedules. Consider leveraging digital tools that salespeople can access at their own convenience.

You can use tools such as prerecorded sessions, lectures, modules, quizzes, and games.

Use data to improve training

Bringing data into the mix can take your training to the next level. Data can help you pinpoint which areas need more attention. Once you have a clear perspective of what needs to be addressed, you can focus your tools to yield better results.

Also, consider using a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) to display performance data for individual reps and the whole company. Analyzing CRM data can help you track the performance of your sales training.

By keeping track of your performance, you can get the picture of where you need to improve or add to supercharge your programs.

Make training ongoing

As a result of the forgetting curve, any new learning slips away from the mind in a matter of days. So, for your programs to be more effective, let them be a process not a single event. Studies have shown that turning a new skill into a habit takes more than two months. Consider buckling down on ongoing programs with regular check-ins with your team. After a check-in, managers can weigh whether to restart the training from scratch or smooth out rough edges as necessary to reinforce learned skills.

Going for gold with sales training

A robust training program can bring brilliant results for your company, propelling your business forward. So, consider customizing and making your learning tools flexible. Also, use data to guide your training and make learning a regular occurrence.


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