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4 Tips For Finding The Best Divorce Attorney

If you plan to file for a divorce, you should seek proper legal representation. Hence, you need to find a divorce attorney for these needs. Besides handling the legal aspects for you, they’ll help lessen the frustrations, allowing you to process your emotions regarding the divorce. If you’re wondering how to settle on the right attorney, read on for more insight:

  • Inquire About The Services Offered

The legal divorce aspect is broad because divorce attorneys offer various services to their clients. Hence, your choice should be tied to your needs. What are you expecting from the divorce? Do you want child custody, alimony, among other things? Do you want to handle the divorce in or out of court? 

Most divorce attorneys will provide a generalization of all these services. However, it’s best to find one who focuses on what you need. If it’s child custody, get one whose operations revolve around this, even as they handle the divorce aspect.

By choosing a divorce attorney specific to your needs, they’re better positioned to meet your specific demands. Also, the specialization they’ve mastered on divorces increases the chances of a successful case.

  • Consider Experience

Experience is essential when it comes to legal aspects. An experienced divorce attorney knows how to go about the five step process for a divorce in California, including other procedures. They’ll know what to say and present in court to increase your odds of winning your case. Therefore, you need to settle on a divorce attorney who’s practiced for several years.

You should also inquire on the years the attorney has practiced the specific divorce aspect, such as alimony. It’s better to work with an attorney with more years in the area of your specific need than a general one. 

4 Tips For Finding The Best Divorce Attorney
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Divorce attorneys handle several clients in their years of practice. Therefore, consider asking about their current number of clients. The number of clients an attorney has reflects how busy their firm is and how many people trust them with their cases. The more clients they handle denotes a positive sign. However, you should find a balance because too many clients might mean the attorney will spend less time on your case due to their workload. Settle for one with a reasonable number, not too many and not too few.

Also, ask about the number of successes the attorney has had with previous clients. They might have worked with several clients but won few cases. Hence, this isn’t viable and decreases the possibility of winning your case. Their success rate should be at least more than 80% of their total cases.

  • Seek Referrals And Reviews

Referrals and reviews are one of the best ways of finding the best divorce attorney in your area. This is because you get information from people who’ve worked with that attorney. Therefore, ask your friends and family of any divorce attorney they’ve worked with or heard about, known for their quality services. Don’t settle yet once you get your list; conduct further vetting. They might have suited a relative but failed to serve you because of varying divorce situations.

If the divorce attorney has a website, visit it and go straight to their review section. Here, you’ll find different clients narrating their experiences with the said attorney. However, there’s a possibility the attorney controls these reviews with the aim of marketing. Therefore, widen your search through other websites for unbiased opinions regarding your divorce attorney. Take note of the comments if the negative reviews outweigh the good ones or vice versa. Be sure to hire a divorce attorney with the most positive reviews. Doing so assures you’ll get quality and efficient services.

  • Inquire On Location

When selecting your divorce attorney, consider where they are based. You want to hire an attorney within your locality for various reasons.

One, the lawyer will be familiar with the laws governing the area. Because of several divorce laws, these may vary per state. If they’re familiar with these laws, they know the dos and don’ts and will find the appropriate actions for your defense. A violation of the law in your case might get your case dismissed by the presiding judge, which can be frustrating.

With an attorney in your area, you can easily reach them without the hassle. Hence, allowing for better and constant communication. Adequate communication ensures you’re both prepared for the procedure, increasing your cases’ success rate.


You can increase the probability of your divorce case if you have the right legal representation. Hence, you need to work with the best of the best divorce lawyers around. You should then factor in the right aspects for your selection process, like the tips mentioned in this article. Implement them as you choose your legal service to settle on the best divorce attorney.


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