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3 Tips to Putting a Startup on the Market

If you’ve reached a point where you want to put your startup on the market, how much confidence do you have it will sell?

Yes, parting ways with your startup can provide some anxious moments. Of most importance, it should provide you with lots of thought.

Doing your homework ahead of time to make sure your startup is in a prime position to sell is critical.

So, how confident are you that your startup is going to sell without much anxiety?

Be Smart When it Comes to Your Money Needs

In deciding to put your startup on the marketplace, here are three tips to keep in the back of your head:

  1. Be smart with money – It is critical you are quite cognizant of your company’s financial situation. You need to figure that any prospective buyer is going to want to know the ins and outs of your company finances. As such, you have to be able to provide that information in a clear manner. One thing that can guide you would be when you know how to value a startup. You can go online and research different tools out there such as a valuation calculator and more. See how such things can make it easier for you to get a true financial read on your startup and what you should get for it. Also make it a point to have any company debt under control. Few buyers will come your way if you have massive debt hanging over your head.
  2. Tout all your startup offers – You also want to be sure that any potential buyers know what your startup is about. Let them know why buying it would make sense for them. How can they use your startup to make sales and revenue? Why does your startup stand out from competitors in your industry? These are but a few of the things you will need to convey to any prospects. Failing to do this can lead your startup to be left hanging out there. Sitting for sale for too long impedes your ability. That is to move on with your career and even personal life for that matter.
  3. What is next for you? – Finally, as part of your game plan, do you know what is next for you? Yes, knowing the next step your career will take is important. With that in mind, have you mapped out the next move? Unless you are at a point where you plan to retire from the working world, odds are you will need income coming in. So, do you have plans to buy another startup or do you have more than one business as it is now? Is there a possibility you would go to work in the corporate world? While you do not get to be in charge when working for someone else, there tends to be less pressure. That is because someone else has to make the big decisions. Know what you plan to do next once the startup hopefully sells. Doing so makes the transition easier.

In putting your startup on the market, are you excited about the possibilities ahead?

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