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2,700 CMC Inmates Attend First A Day For Atonement Event

The California Men’s Colony held its first-ever “A Day for Atonement” ceremony on Friday, kicking off a three-day fundraising event to support crime victims and restorative justice programs.

San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow was the keynote speaker at Friday morning’s event and witnessed a presentation on the impact of crime on victims.

Inmates will participate in three days of intramural sporting events through the weekend, including a walk for peace on Sunday, April 23.

Inmates were given the opportunity to talk about their crimes and sentences, and to share their frustrations and regrets about how their actions harmed others.

Inmate Jonathan Duke founded the event and is now part of the Criminal Mentor Certification Program, which allows inmates to become certified drug and alcohol counselors.

Duke is serving time on second-degree murder charges and was granted parole last month for his actions.

“You had to go against that mindset and thought process to really be in recovery,” Duke said. “That was the real feeling, but I wanted to bring it to others and show them that there is a space where you can change. You can start making amends and rebuilding your livelihood.” We have space.”

Voluntary donations of $5 or more were accepted from the 2,700 participating inmates. According to California Men’s Colony representatives, more than $5,200 has been raised for his restoration partners in San Luis Obispo.

Berta Fonseca, whose son was incarcerated until 2020, and two other victim speakers who attended the event wanted to inform people about the sacrifice and emotional damage families suffer behind the scenes. rice field.

“I believe that whatever happens in our lives, if we share it for the glory of the Lord, we can make a difference and share what happened to us,” Fonseca said. “When we share, we heal and help others heal.”

“Like we did today, I think we’re going to bring people in from the outside and start here…Having district attorneys and having programs like the Victim Awareness Program helps. ‘ added Duke. I hope to see a positive ripple effect, not just for those of us here, but for our communities, our societies, and the world as we know it. ”

https://www.ksby.com/news/local-news/2-700-cmc-inmates-take-part-in-inaugural-a-day-for-atonement-event 2,700 CMC Inmates Attend First A Day For Atonement Event

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