25 Recipients of the 2022 MacArthur Foundation ‘Genius’ Grants

The MacArthur Foundation announced Wednesday its 2022 MacArthur Fellows. Twenty-five people each receive his $800,000 conditional grant.

The program’s mission is to “encourage exceptionally talented people to pursue their unique creative, intellectual and professional inclinations.” The only restrictions are that the candidate must be a resident or citizen of the United States and not a government official. click here For program details.

This year’s winners:

Jennifer Carlson, 40, Tucson, Arizona. Sociologist at the University of Arizona. Uncover the motivations, assumptions, and social forces that drive gun ownership and shape gun culture in the United States.

Paul Chan, 49, New York, NY. artist. Making human experience available for critical reflection and testing the ability of art to effect social change.

Choi Ye Jin, 45, Seattle, Washington. Computer scientist at the University of Washington. He uses natural language processing to develop artificial intelligence systems that understand language and can reason about the world.

P. Gabriel Foreman, 58, University Park, Pennsylvania. Literary Historian and Digital Humanist at Pennsylvania State University. Through initiatives such as the Colored Conventions Project, he catalyzes historical exploration into his 19th-century collective black organizing efforts.

Dana Freedman, 41, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Synthetic inorganic chemist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He creates new molecular materials with unique properties that are directly relevant to quantum information technology.

Martha Gonzales, 50, Claremont, CA. Musician, scholar, artist/activist, Scripps University. Strengthen cross-border links and advance participatory methods of artistic knowledge production in the service of social justice.

sky hopinka, 38, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York; Artist, Filmmaker, Bard College. Combining imagery and language in films and videos that offer new representational strategies for expressing indigenous worldviews.

June Hu, 39, Princeton, New Jersey. Mathematician at Princeton University. He discovers underlying connections between different fields of mathematics and proves longstanding mathematical conjectures.

Moriba Jar, 51, Austin, TX. A cosmologist at the University of Texas at Austin. He envisions transparent and collaborative solutions to create a circular space economy that will improve oversight of Earth’s orbit.

Jenna Jambek, 48, Athens, Georgia. Environmental Engineer at the University of Georgia. Investigate the scale and pathways of plastic pollution and accelerate efforts to address plastic waste.

Monica Kim, 44, Madison, Wisconsin. Historian at the University of Wisconsin. He examines the interplay between US foreign policy, military intervention, decolonization processes, and individual rights in regional settings around the world.

robin wall kimmerer, 69, Syracuse, New York. Plant ecologist, educator, and author at the State University of New York. Articulate alternative visions of environmental management based on traditional ecological knowledge.

Pretty Christel, 44, Oakland, CA. Initiative for Health Justice Lawyers, Medicines, Access and Knowledge. Expose inequalities in the patent system to increase access to affordable, lifesaving medicines globally.

Joseph Drew Lanham, 57, Clemson, SC. Ornithologist, naturalist and author at Clemson University. He combines conservation science with personal, historical and cultural stories of nature to create new conservation models.

Kise Raymond, 48, Houston, TX. Author, Rice University. We witness the myriad forms of violence that characterize the black experience in formally inventive fiction and non-fiction.

Ruben Jonathan Miller, 46, Chicago. Sociologist, criminologist, and social worker at the University of Chicago. Track the long-term impact of incarceration and re-entry systems on the lives of individuals and their families.

Ikue Mori, 68, New York, NY. Electronic music composer and performer. He transforms the use of percussion in improvisation and pushes the boundaries of machine-based music.

Stephen Prohilla, 35, Lawrence, Kansas. Physicist at the University of Kansas. He challenges conventional theories and designs new tools to detect ultra-high-energy subatomic particles that can hold clues to the long-standing mysteries of the universe.

Tommeca Reed, 44, Chicago. Jazz cellist and composer. He builds his own jazz his sound that incorporates various musical traditions and expands the expressive possibilities of the cello in improvisational music.

Loretta J. Ross, 69, Northampton, Massachusetts. Reproductive Justice and Human Rights Advocate, Smith College. Form a visionary paradigm that connects social justice, human rights and reproductive justice.

Stephen Ruggles, 67, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Historical demographer at the University of Minnesota. He sets new standards in quantitative historical research by building the world’s largest publicly available demographic database.

Tavares Strachan, 42, New York, NY, and Nassau, Bahamas. A multidisciplinary conceptual artist. It expands the possibilities of art and shines a light on the contributions of people who have been overlooked in history.

Emily Wang, 47, New Haven, Connecticut. Primary care physician and researcher at Yale University. He works with people recently released from prison to address their needs and the impact of incarceration on their chronic health conditions.

Amanda Williams, 48, Chicago. artist and architect. Reimagining public space reveals the complex ways in which cultural and economic values ​​intersect with race in constructed environments.

melanie matchet wood, 41, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Mathematician at Harvard University. From the point of view of arithmetic statistics, he tackles the fundamental problems of number theory. 25 Recipients of the 2022 MacArthur Foundation ‘Genius’ Grants

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