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140 baby herons rescued from California streets

Amber Foley evaluates a black-crowned night heron at Auckland Zoo Veterinary Hospital.

Amber Foley evaluates a black-crowned night heron at Auckland Zoo Veterinary Hospital.

Photo from Auckland Zoo

Rescue teams patrol the streets of California cities looking for juvenile black-crowned night herons. (Yeah, you read that right.)

Auckland’s official birds sometimes need help when babies fall from trees around the city.

According to a September 27 news release from the Auckland Zoo, the Heron Rescue Team, made up of Auckland Zoo staff and volunteers, search downtown twice a day to rescue injured chicks.

The team, in partnership with Auckland Zoo, International Bird Rescue and the Golden Gate Audubon Society, is said to have “rescued, rehabilitated and released” 140 chicks during this nesting season.

Screenshot (166).png
Heron Rescue Team members Marisa Riordan and Noelle Dohlin patrol downtown Oakland. Photo from Auckland Zoo

The city is home to the black-crowned night heron, which was named the city’s official bird in 2019, and is, according to a release, “the largest black-crown night heron nesting site (bird communal nesting)” in the Bay Area. . .

As the city’s birds, “they deserve special attention so they can continue to thrive in the city,” said Glenn Phillips, executive director of the Golden Gate Audubon Society.

Fledgling Rescue April 18, 2022; Credit Auckland Zoo (2).jpg
Black-crowned night herons receive intermediate care at Auckland Zoo. Photo from Auckland Zoo

Every year, according to the release, a “Nesting Colony of Black Crowned Night Herons” returns to the city.

Chicks born in trees on “busy Auckland streets” may “fall from their nests onto concrete sidewalks and streets” as they begin to learn to fly. This can kill or injure fallen chicks.

Screenshot (165).png
A baby heron being treated at the Auckland Zoo. Photo from Auckland Zoo

After being rescued, the chicks are taken to a zoo for “intermediate medical evaluation and treatment” and to an international bird sanctuary for recovery.

“Birds that have recovered and are old enough to survive and fly are steadily being released into the wild in safe, local habitats such as the Auckland Bay coastline,” according to the release.

With dozens of birds rescued this year, Auckland Zoo CEO Nick Dehesia said the team “will continue this important work and see the city’s official birds continue to thrive.” I want to,’ he said.

A night heron wearing a black crownThe most widely distributed heron in the world, According to Cornell University, they typically live in “fresh, salty wetlands.” Birds are most active at night or dusk.

https://www.sacbee.com/news/california/article266451966.html 140 baby herons rescued from California streets

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