The Growth of Free Casino Slots During the Pandemic

Free casino slots were always a popular entertainment option for gamers worldwide. Once the pandemic hit all of us, online services and solutions experienced enormous growth. The same goes for free slots. It appears that people really dig into online slots, especially if they are free. Covid lockdowns had millions of people in their homes with lots of spare time on their hands.

They had plenty of options and thousands of things they could do. However, many decided to choose online slots over other things. What could be the reason for this trend? Stay with us as we analyze the success of online casino slots during the pandemic.

They are Completely Free

Premium gaming experiences are often locked behind a paywall. Players either have to buy a title or pay costly monthly subscriptions to be able to experience the gameplay. Free online slots are just as the name implies – free. Every player worldwide can hop on and play them without spending money and as long as they want to.

Even the newest titles that arrive on the market are free. There is no time limit either. Players can invite their buddies and play any of the available free casino slots. The number of new slots continuously increases, which is another factor that contributes to their popularity. Given that the pandemic financial blow hit millions worldwide, having access to free entertainment proved valuable.

Free Casino Slots Pack a Lot of Fun

Being stuck at home sounds like a wonderful idea. However, after some time, people find it not fun at all. In their efforts to kill time and have at least some fun, they do many things – online games included. Given that these are free slots, trying them as a source of fun doesn’t entail any costs. Many players also grow very fond of them because they pack a lot of fun.

Free slots look modern. Take House of Fun slots for instance. They are built on cutting-edge technologies, feature modern graphics and great sound effects. Most importantly, they offer different playstyle to players. People can gain experience, level up, turn it into a social event, and unlock various achievements and rewards. 

Convenience is Also a Factor

There is one more factor we have to consider in order to understand the growth of free slots – convenience. We are already a year and a half into the pandemic. People are becoming more tired. Exercising caution slowly takes its toll, and people can’t be bothered with things that are too complex. Enter free slots, which are the synonym for convenience. 

If you decide to try one of these games, you literally don’t have to do anything but play it. There is no installation, setup, or updates. You just start it up, play it, and close it whenever you want. You can play free slots from the convenience of your home, while commuting, or on vacation far away from home. 

Modern Slots are Ported on All Devices

People in lockdown have limited access to devices. When the entire family is at home, everyone uses a personal device. There are not a lot of options. Unfortunately, many games are locked into one ecosystem. You can either play on a console, PC, or mobile device. Modern free slots use web technology which makes them playable on all devices.

Whether you want to play a free slot on a smartphone, tablet, PC, or that old sturdy laptop of yours, you can do it. Their minimal requirements are ridiculous compared to other games, and they can run perfectly even on outdated devices.

Variety of Games

Finally, when you have all the time in this world to play games, one game can easily become boring. Even the best graphics, music, sound effects, and game mechanics tend to become boring after hours spent playing. Free online casinos offer so many things (as explained in this article). One of those things is the variety of games. 

You can choose from hundreds of games. Each one of them features unique graphics, sound effects, and game mechanics. Developers have added progression systems enabling players to level up, earn items, and share them with their friends to add to the variety.

Taking all of these factors into account makes it easy to understand the growth of free online slots during the pandemic. They are completely free, can be played from any device whether at home or on a move, and there are so many of them. People went through a lot during the pandemic, and free slots provided what they needed to blow off some steam, have fun, and experience something new.


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