Why Should You Visit California

Glorious sunshine, unlimited traveling opportunities, and an appealing food scene are the first associations people usually have when they hear about California. It is one of the most impressive US states that attracts adventurers from all around the world. The destination is known not only for its excellent weather and eye-catching views but also for Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and wine.

According to the information available in Britannica, California is one of the most populated states in America. Still, it does not prevent it from being one of the most attractive and appreciated spots. The abundance of attractions and genuine views make the place appealing for both young and old tourists.

Key Reasons to See California

If you have heard at least something about the state and its advantages, you should have your bags packed. The unique combination of history, culture, beauty, fun, and adventure is awaiting. Nonetheless, it will take you months to see the fascinating places and visit the desired destinations. Therefore, planning is a key.

Make sure you compile a detailed plan of The Golden State exploration, with the major spots prioritized. How is it possible to make the right choice and eliminate mistakes? Check out a few simple steps that will help you succeed:

Once you succeed with these simple steps, you are ready to purchase tickets and head to the most appealing and attractive destination ever. Are you ready to relish its fabulous weather, swimming, and sunbathing? These are not the only activities available in California. Check out an extensive list of reasons to visit the state and make the right choice.

National Parks

It is hard to imagine a devoted tourist who has never heard about the California National Parks. There are nine of them, each providing adventurers with genuine beauty, captivating views, and magnificent camping spots. No matter if you prefer comfortable adventures or love camping, you should obligatorily visit one of the national parks. An important tip: planning is a must, as not all the places in California are open around the clock. Therefore, double-check the information on time to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Hiking Spots

If we are still talking about the beauty of California, it is inevitable to mention its hiking tours. The whole state is a huge track, so irrespective of the destination you opt for, your choice will be the best. Nature reservations, lakes, and parks are only a few examples of routes you can take around the state.

Filming Scenes

Do you love watching movies? There are a lot of interesting films and TV shows that were shot in California, so it may be interesting to visit some of the spots you have seen on TV. This way, you will not only feel the unique spirit of the state but will also recollect your favorite shows.

Fascinating Beaches

If you come to California and spend no time on the beach, you make wrong decisions. There is hardly anything else that can be compared to magnificent beaches with their warm sand and brightly shining sun. Even if you prefer active vacations, you should spend a day watching the beauty of the California beaches.

Delicious Burgers

A tasty, spicy, and juicy burger will never be odd out, especially if you are in California. The array of burger spots you will be everywhere is impressive. Thus, every tourist has an opportunity to feel like a local, eating delicious burgers on the go.


Once you see at least one lighthouse in the area, you will understand the reason this point is included in the list. Remarkable architecture and impressive history will not leave you indifferent.

Famous Sights

Tourists who have ever been to California will tell you lots of exciting stories about its landmarks and the history behind them. Therefore, if you have a chance to see everything on your own, you should not miss it. Unforgettable emotions and impressive memories are guaranteed.



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