Where to buy essay cheap? Top 2 services explored.

Modern world education demands a lot of effort to be spent on studies of various kinds. While increasingly moving online and benefiting from cutting-edge modern technologies, the most widely used means of academic data exchange is text communication and academic paper writing.

Since practicing professional essay writing is not an easy task to master and can be quite stressful overall, many students rely on companies that specialize in such services. One of the main questions that bothers students is where to “buy essay cheap”, without spending a fortune.

Indeed, cheap college essays writing services exist, but not all of them are reliable or trustworthy. A price VS quality concern should also be taken into consideration when choosing one for yourself. In this article we’ll be looking into the issues of the modern day college paper writing on demand as such, along with the comparison of 2 online companies that are widely recognized as the most cheap essays writing services out there.

BuyEssaySafe – is considered to be “the place to go to” when it comes to getting the top-quality job done fast, cheap and safe. “Cheap essays online” is their motto, which says it all.

BuzzEssay – no doubt about it, is known for their reliability and affordable pricing, if one needs to buy essay online cheap and get the results quickly. No compromises on quality of their papers, still.

What are these companies about in general?

Although there are dozens of companies that provide general assignment help online, essay writing companies provide assistance with custom academic papers like Thesis,  Personal statement, Coursework or any other college paper.

Their services usually include additional options, like editing or proofreading, but their core business is actually writing custom papers from scratch. In this way they are rather different from the companies that provide their customer with consulting services, tutoring, one-to-one lessons or online learning of other kinds.

How students benefit if they buy cheap essay writing services?

We all need a helping hand sometimes, regardless of the task. Students worldwide, from high school to post docs have different life styles, life rhythms, obligations, necessities, ambitions and other life realities. Sometimes priorities define what needs to be done and when, especially when it comes to education. Some students struggle with creativity, some simply lack knowledge or have no opportunity to gain that knowledge easily, some are working a job or two, some have their own families.

All the above mentioned aspects don’t really allow people to spend much time writing essays, therefore they either look for an inspiration to start working on an essay themselves, or prefer a downright custom paper to be created for them, and since budget is quite often is an issue for many students, they seek to buy essay cheap.

Price VS Quality – is there really a correlation?

Why would one choose to buy cheap essay papers, right? Don’t they say that quality never comes cheap? Well, not necessarily. Sometimes higher price goes together with a brand name and has nothing to do with the actual quality. Say, certain same-class automobiles from different manufacturers are priced differently, but are of the same quality overall. Same goes for the online assignment help companies like BuyEssaySafe or BuzzEssay, they managed to keep the high quality of their work consistent while allowing their customer to enjoy lower than average prices.

So, when looking for cheap essays online, it’s important to understand that paying top buck for having the job done does not necessarily correspond to the quality of the product. There are many factors that one needs to pay attention to in order to avoid mishaps and bad experiences when choosing a service provider for your next most important college paper.

What to consider when you buy essay online cheap:

Why Choose BuyEssaySafe.com?

 When people plan to buy essay cheap, BuyEssaySafe comes to mind right away. Most of their customers share their positive experience with others and usually become returning customers. In the world of cheap college essays these guys are in the vanguard of the pack. A combination of customer-oriented team, fast turnaround, affordability and high quality product allows their customers to benefit in many ways.

Here is a brief description and a list of the observations we compiled when using their online service (as per our personal experience):

The process of ordering a test custom essay was pretty straightforward from the beginning. Basically, it starts with filling out a brief form which includes key information about your paper – the required academic level, discipline, deadline and a number of pages.

The next step is to choose the writing style needed, select the number or sources required, add a title suggestion and there you are! You’re just one step away from getting your assignment to be taken care of. So far, it takes about 3 minutes to do everything mentioned above.

You proceed with the payment with one click (we chose credit card) and their Customer Support gets in contact within about 5 minutes. Our writer became available in another 10 minutes, and, since the deadline was set to 7 days to get the best price (the longer the deadline, the cheaper the price) we let the writer do their job and started to wait for the update on the progress.

3 days later, we got a draft of the paper. It was OK overall, but we needed to make an emphasis on one idea, so we asked the writer to rewrite a certain paragraph. Which they did and provided an update within 4 hours. For free.

That edition was what we needed, so we accepted the final paper (it was a coursework) and got it downloaded from the personal cabinet. They also sent a copy of the paper to our email.


Guys from BuyEssaySafe did a great job on time and it didn’t cost much at all. They ran some sort of promotion during that week, so the job came with a 10% discount, on top of their low prices. They had no problem with a revision of the draft and it came free of charge. We also chatted to their Customer Support Team, got a very fast response and a clarification on a payment-related question.

All and all, when students need to buy essay cheap, regardless if it is an essay, a personal statement, a thesis, if they need to buy cheap law essay or any other college paper or assignment, these guys are probably the best choice out there. Well, together with the next company, to our best belief.

Why Choose BuzzEssay.com?

If you think of finding a company to buy cheap essay papers online, look no further than BuzzEssay. We ordered a piece of coursework from them as well, and tried to figure out, “what’s the buzz” and if they will keep the quality of work high yet let us buy essay online cheap.

We started with contacting their customer support to learn how they are different from other cheap essays writing services, and had a nice and informative chat with one of their CSRs. They explained that the company takes pride in their reliability, great turnaround time and more than affordable pricing. So far so good.

Here’s what we believe they can do to let you buy essay online cheap without spending a fortune and still get a high quality paper:

The ordering process is down to earth simple, which increasingly becomes a standard in this industry. You need to enter a brief description of your paper, starting with the type of your assignment and academic level (High School, Undergraduate 1-2 year, Undergraduate 3-4 year, Master or PhD).

Then goes the deadline and the number of pages required, followed by the writing style, topic suggestion and any additional information which might look useful to you or help the writer to do their job better.

The final step is the payment, which is arranged via the secure payment gateway. Their Customer Support Rep contacted us with just 2-3 minutes and they started to match our order with the writer. It took them about 10-15 minutes to find the one we needed (we ordered a Top Writer as an add-on, a writer with a greater number of completed assignments).

The deadline for this coursework was 5 days, but our writer finished the job in 4. Just like with the other service, we asked for a revision of a paragraph (just out of curiosity this time) and the updated version was delivered in about 3 hours after that, free of charge.


People of BuzzEssay exceeded our expectations with both Customer Support and the quality of work, since we only were aiming at an opportunity to buy essay cheap. Amongst cheap essays online services they performed very well for the price they asked.

We actually wanted to go with Thesis originally, but decided to stick to the Coursework, so that the experiment would have been run in roughly similar conditions for both companies. Experiment confirmed (and we’re quite happy with the results, since they were anticipated, based on our previous rigorous research) that if you want to buy essay cheap, BuzzEssay totally delivers.


It goes without saying that a lot of students worldwide look into an option to buy cheap essay papers every day.

Statistics state that over 50% of students considered getting a writing aid during their studies and more than half of them did. In the modern world, when people have to keep up with a lot of obligations, stress and expectations from the society, getting assistance from a professional service of any sort is not uncommon.

In order to save, for many, to buy essay online cheap is a very viable option, since rent, food and transportation increase in costs nearly every year. Most importantly, Personal Time (something that many people don’t consider to have even greater value), is precious. These days, we lack time to socialize casually, spend some time with our loved ones or even have some simple rest or a good sleep. But we Have to have essays written…

If there is a demand, there is a supply they say. Nowadays the education system puts even more pressure on students than a decade ago, not mentioning the reality of life during the Covid-19 pandemic which has a huge impact on the way we all live, study and try to cope up with other important things. So, once you decide to buy essay cheap, save yourself some time and nerves, at least you don’t have to spend hours researching current trends and the market – we’ve done it for you. Enjoy!


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