What is Wordle? Explaining the word game that’s becoming an internet obsession, and why it was created.

Philadelphia-“Everyone, I’m crazy about Wardre.”

“I can’t stop. I can’t stop.”

These are just a few of what the players of the game Wordle are saying.

understood. understood.

So what is Wordle?

It’s a free word game.

The mission is to guess a five-letter word in six or less attempts. Each time you guess, the color of the tile will change.

Green means it’s the right letter and it’s in the right place.

Yellow means that the letters are in the word but in the wrong place.

Gray means that the letter is not included in the word.

It’s like the old game show “Apple”.

Everyone can play the same words every day and only once a day.

This game was created by software engineer Josh Wardle as a gift to a partner who loves to guess the game.

There is no app. This is just a website, no ads, no email address required.

“Some of those rejections actually attracted people to the game because they just felt it was very innocent and wanted them to enjoy it.” Wardle told NPR..

But in what many call “shade,” a man named Zack Shacked released “Wordle the App.” This is a game of the same concept, in pro mode with unlimited play with a $ 30 annual subscription.

The Twitter community wasn’t happy.

“STEAL is a five-letter word, congratulations,” tweeted game journalist Kate Gray.

Apple removed a knockoff similar to Shakked’s game from the app store on Tuesday.

Shakked has since apologized.

Meanwhile, Josh Wardle is pleased that his free games connect people at such times.

OK, if you want to join the game, there are some words that you can use as a first guess to narrow down the letters.

For vowels, try the word “adieu”. It contains four vowels.

For consonants, try the word “snort”. There are four of the most popular consonants.

online: https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/


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