What is the best social media platform for business growth?

I know you probably want a straight answer, but I’m afraid there isn’t one.

The best platform for your business growth is any platform that best fits your business type.

Take a look at some of the success stories below to understand what we mean by that.

How various brands used different social channels for their business growth

Starbucks: In 2017, Starbucks launched an Instagram campaignto promote their Unicorn Frappuccino. This campaign raised their sales by up to 3%.

What’s the correlation? The biggest consumers of this are kids, Gen Z, and a fraction of the millennial generation. Where can you find a good aggregation of these people? Facebook and Instagram. Since the Unicorn Frappuccino is a product that thrives off good marketing aesthetics, Instagram became the default place to promote it.

Does your business or product depend on good quality pictures, too? Is a good fraction of your audience kids, Gen Z, or millennial groups? If so, Instagram is definitely the best place for you. Check out these recent Instagram stats to find supporting facts.

IHOP: In 2018, IHOP (International House of Pancake) used Twitter to announce that it was changing its name temporarily to IHOB (International House of Burger). Their tweet generated almost 15k retweets, and their burger sales quadrupled in only a few months later.

What’s the correlation: Study suggests a good number of Twitter users are intellectuals – people who spend good time in offices and remote environments. What food do these people eat the most? Yes, you guessed right – snacks like burgers, pancakes, omelets.

Social media for business growth: What the numbers say

Provided a business is a match for a platform, it will surely grow.

For perspective: A recruitment agency business is best-suited to LinkedIn than a restaurant business. Does that mean a recruitment agency cannot grow/promote its business on Facebook or YouTube? Of course, it can. However, their best bet to quickly finding prospects is LinkedIn. Why? Because LinkedIn’s content strategy is best suited to professionals and career people.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the strength of various social channels and their potential to help businesses grow.

That number makes Facebook the most used social media network on the planet. From a business perspective, it also means there’s a potential to find many prospects here.

According to Statista:

That’s an awful lot of social media users.

Choosing a social media channel to grow your business

In this section, we want to examine a couple of popular social media networks. We believe this will help you see what each platform is good for. And hopefully, with that, you can choose the best platform for your business growth.


From the outside looking in, Facebook looks like the one-size-fits-all social media website. And quite frankly, it is.

With more than 2 billion active users, the number of Facebook users is equivalent to more than 25% of the world’s population. Promoting a business on Facebook is like exposing your brand to the whole world.

What kind of business is Facebook best for?

Virtually every business can use Facebook. Whether you’re a realtor, hotelier, restaurant business owner, SaaS business owner, marketer, freelancer, teacher, etc., there’s something for everyone on Facebook.

This is thanks to the diversity of the audiences on the platform. Here, you have as many kids as elderly ones, as many guys as girls, and so on.

Factors that make Facebook a good place for business growth

A hypothetical case of using Facebook to grow a business

You add a Facebook tracking pixel to your business website to pick up site visitors’ behavior. Now, say a visitor comes to your site to skim through your pages. The Facebook pixel will store their data. Now, when this visitor visits Facebook anytime in the future, Facebook will ensure they see your ad and brand massages no matter how short their stay is. Imagine if you have a new discount offer around the time of their visit. This is a guarantee that they’ll see it and probably check it out.


Owned by Facebook.com (sorry, Meta.com), Instagram is another hotbed for business growth.

From a business growth perspective, Instagram represents a great place to generate social proof for your business. That is, a form of validation that shows people that your business is loved, popular, and accepted. With this validation comes organic lead, word-of-mouth referrals, and ultimately, sales.

What kind of business is Instagram best for?

Although any business can thrive on this platform, Instagram is best suited to those businesses that rely more on picture and video content. If your business can generate plenty of visual content, Instagram might work for you.

Mind you, Instagram is currently becoming oversaturated with content. To stand out of the crowd, you might need to rely on unorthodox strategies like animation content creation, celebrity influencers, cross-promotion, collaborative promotion, etc.

Factors that make Instagram a good place for business growth

 A hypothetical case of using Instagram to grow a business

You create an Instagram profile for your business, and then you load it with visual content. Thanks to your consistency with hashtagging, posting testimonials, and other strategies, this page starts to attract followers. After a while, you decide to run an Instagram promo ad for the page. The new traffic came, and they fell in love with the content (especially the testimonials). As you can expect, a bunch of them will definitely want to give your brand a try after that.


Traditionally a video-sharing platform, YouTube is now officially a search engine and a social networking site.

Like the first two discussed, YouTube’s biggest selling point (from a business perspective) is its huge user base. Currently, there are over 2 billion active monthly users on YouTube.

What kind of business is YouTube best for?

Virtually every business. Even businesses that don’t do anything video-related can still find a way to use YouTube. If not via video creations outright, it would be through ads.

Factors that make YouTube a good place for business growth


Traditionally, people used Twitter to follow and argue about trends, news, politics, etc.

Nowadays, it’s a hub for business promotions. From influencer marketing approaches to regular Twitter ads, businesses now use this platform to reach their audiences in any way they can.

If you know how to leverage the Twitter space, it can work in your favor, too.

What kind of business is Twitter best for?

Virtually every business. The key is engagement. If you know how to engage people (your audience), you can surely grow your business on Twitter.

Factors that make Twitter a good place for business growth


If you’re looking to grow your business on the partnership front or in terms of workforce quality, LinkedIn is a good tool to have.

You won’t really find customers here. But you’ll find willing and ready-to partner B2B opportunities, as well as employees that will take your business to the next level.

Factors that make LinkedIn a good place for business growth


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