What Are Your Legal Rights After Being Hurt In A Car Accident In New Jersey?

When you are involved in a serious auto accident, your life is changed irreparably. As a victim of a car accident, you are bound to avail some legal rights for your loss and sufferings. You may miss most of the compensation if you are not familiar with your rights. In addition to recovering compensation from other drivers, you may also be entitled to compensation from your own health insurance company. 

However, everyone will attempt to minimize your actual costs by exploiting your legitimate losses. Consequently, you should seek legal counsel as soon as possible following a car accident. 

Legal Rights of A Car Accident Victim

The rights and legal obligations of a crash victim are similar to those in any legal case. Let’s have a look at the legal rights a caraccidnt victim can avail. 

It Is Your Right Not To Make A Written Or Oral Statement. 

Make sure you do not make any written or verbal statements to insurance companies including your own and the other party’s insurers right after the accident. The reason is that any statement you make will likely be used against you by the insurance adjuster. Usually, they are trying to make a quick buck before you consult an attorney and may only offer you a small sum for your damages. 

Many questions are posed in a way that is intended to induce you to inadvertently admit fault. Unexpectedly, your apology might be taken as a claim of liability for the accident. So you have to be very vigilant and avoid signing any document without consulting your lawyer or attorney. In addition to helping you make the statement that will be in your favor, your legal representative will work to maximize your benefits.

It Is Your Right To Claim Damages Including Health And Car Repair. 

The injured party has the right to sue the other party for damages, or compensation, if he or she was at fault in the car accident. Moreover, if the accident was caused by a defective part, for instance a faulty brake, it is possible that the manufacturer or repair shop is responsible. Similarly, a vehicle crash may also be caused by road issues, including debris or poor maintenance. In thai case, you might be able to file a claim against the local, county, or state authority responsible for the road. To sue for compensation, you should know whose fault it is that caused the destruction of your car and injuries to you.

Those who have been wrongly injured may sue within a specified period under New Jersey law. The statute of limitations identifies the time frame within which to sue. It takes two years from the moment the accident occurs for a claim to be made in a New Jersey car accident. The injury lawsuit covers different types of injuries including:

You Have The Right To Receive A Copy Of The Evidence.

According to the law, you have a right to get a copy of the police report, since it contains details about the accident. The report will include statements from all parties involved, as well as witnesses and video footage.  

If you want a copy of this report, you can either get it from a law enforcement agency or you can do it online after making a payment. You should contact an injury attorney immediately if you do not receive it for any reason. In most cases, an attorney will expedite the process and negotiate a court order. 

Consult Your Insurance Companies.

If you are hurt in a car accident,make sure to tell your auto insurer and your health insurer about it. Depending on the extent of your vehicle’s damage, your insurance company may be able to pay you right away. There are no-fault laws in some states, such as New Jersey, requiring drivers to have personal injury protection. Up to the amount covered by your PIP, you can receive medical attention immediately following an accident. 

As insurance companies do not want to pay more, they will try to pay less for the juries. It is your right to hire a car accident lawyer who can ensure the smooth implementation of this coverage. The health insurance plan of a person who has sustained serious injuries usually pays a percentage of the medical expenses. 


Standard Package Basic Package
Liability for bodily injury
  • Minimal Coverage for individuals is $15,000 and for accidents are $30,000
  • Highest coverage $250,000 per individual and $500,000 per accident
  • $10K per accident for all people
Insurance coverage for personal injuries
  • least coverage $15,000 per individual or accident;
  • highest coverage $250,000 or more
  • Per accident, $5,000
Damage to property
  • lowest coverage $5,000 per accident;
  • highest coverage $100,000 or more
  • Per accident, $15,000;
  • For certain injuries, up to $250,000

It Is Your Right To Get Legal Representation. 

When you are involved in a car accident, you are entitled to seek legal counsel. In spite of the fact that you may choose to proceed on your own, working with a personal injury lawyer is more beneficial. This is due to the fact that a lawyer will maximize your compensation and protect you from harassment by the insurance company. 

In order to achieve reasonable compensation for your losses, you need to be aware of your rights. If you are a New Jersey resident and involved in a car accident, Rosengard Law Group can assist you in understanding and exercising your rights as a victim. Their office is located at 496 Kings Hwy N Suite 220B, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 or you can call at 856-284-6446 to get free legal advice immediately after an auto crash. 

Final Words

There are some rights you have as a car accident victim that are expressly or implicitly outlined in the law. Unfortunately, the majority of people do not know these rights and thus do not get benefits when they are suffering from injuries caused by accidents.The information provided in this article should help you understand what your rights are as an accident victim. 

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