Variety of Slots in Camel Cash Casino

Camel Motion’s Camel Cash Casino has proved to be a game changer in the Casino world. Everyone has been mesmerized and awestruck by its incredible graphics, mind-boggling Casino games, and awe-inspiring features. This social casino game offers over 40 slot machine games, adding a lot of variety to an already impressive list of achievements. These slot machines include a variety of themes and styles, ranging from a cowboy ranch to pirates sailing the seas.

The winnings are plentiful in these slot machine games, which makes placing bets in Camel Cash Casino even easier. Let’s take a closer look at four of Camel Cash Casino’s slot machines in the following paragraphs.

Power Respin:- In this slot machine game, there are basically 3 reels and it poses a striking resemblance to the traditional slot machines found in Las Vegas. In addition to this, the minimum bet that the gamer can place is 9000 coins, whereas the maximum bet is 90,000,000 coins. The game is in landscape mode and there are 9 lines on which the gamer can place his bets. With all these incredible features, Power Respin is quite interesting to play.


Vampire Fortune:- Based on the infamous Dracula of 18th century England, Vampire Fortune is another entertaining slot machine game. It has 5 reels, which is supported with exciting ominous music. The minimum bet that the gamer can place is 5000 coins, whereas the maximum bet is 50 million coins. Its exciting symbols are of the Dracula himself, a scary coffin with a cross, a crucifix, and a deck of cards. These scary elements are basically the major attraction of this slot machine game.


Lucky Sevens:- This slot machine game is in portrait mode and can be easily played with one hand only. The game has 3 paylines on which the users can place their bets. In addition to this, the minimum bet that the user can place is 15000 coins, while the maximum is 150,000,000 coins. This slot machine game has 3     reels and it very closely resembles the traditional slot machine of Las Vegas.


Treasure of Aqua:- Taking you to the water, this ocean based theme has 5 reels and the maximum bet the user can place is 50 million coins, while the minimum is 5000 coins. This slot machine game has remarkable symbols of a flounder fish, a starfish, a cuttlefish, seashell, a deck of cards, a jellyfish, a seahorse, a mermaid, etc. It has a down beat pleasant music, which makes the gaming experience much more enjoyable and fun. In this sense, this slot machine also acts as a great stress buster.

Camel Cash Casino is a crazy casino game with over 40 slot machine games and a wide range of features. Camel Arena and Cash Cards Album, which are also Camel Cash Casino’s USPs, are available in addition to this variety. These distinct elements set this social casino game distinctive from the competition.


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