Ukrainian business returns with help in the war: Inter Tex Link fueled TDF and volunteers for $1 million

Most Ukrainian businesses remain in Ukraine, side by side with the army and volunteers. TDF (Territorial Defense Forces) is fighting against russian invaders. Everyone’s involved in the defense as best they can. Moreover, some companies are coming back to protect the motherland.

International company with origins from Ukraine INTER TEX LINK Ltd without any publicity joined the struggle. Such cases should be public because they are an example to others.

Let’s not tell what guys do in peacetime and what business is about. After all, it is not about advertising and not about commerce. We are talking about examples to follow and unite around tragedy.

By joining Inter Tex Link as an improvised volunteer center, they have already fueled special transport for $1 million for free. In addition, the company supports the equipment of combat units.

Without any funds and only with the help of own money. At the moment, all capacities and communications are aimed at interaction with suppliers of military equipment for the Ukrainian army.

In these circumstances, there is a desire to support Inter Tex, which can supply protective equipment and fuel for free. The resource tends to run out. And although Inter Tex does not claim to help – in this war the whole world from Ukraine. We should help each other.

If everyone sends $10-20 to an Inter Tex account, they can quickly meet the needs of the defenders of European borders in the east.

Funds – support companies that can quickly respond to the needs of the army

I would like to contact the fundraising organizations. Private companies are more flexible in terms of quick response to challenges. If they have certain cases of such participation, they should be supported.

This can be done by concluding certain supply agreements – it will speed up the supply of the army.

You can also distribute their props. If you wish, the transparency of intentions can be easily checked.

At the moment, the Ukrainian tragedy is also speculated by fraudsters. So, if you do not trust any sources that organize fundraising, it is better to send help to the official accounts of government agencies.

How to help?

Now the volunteers of INTER TEX LINK Ltd have started the fundraising for two units of the Ukrainian army. You can help us protect our land!

All funds will go for purchasing:

If you or your colleagues want to support Ukraine, please send your donations:


590a Corner Chambers, Kingsbury Road, Birmingham, B24 9ND, United Kingdom

Banking details: “Inter Tex Link Ltd”


Bank Bank Slaski SA,Poland

Beneficiary account USD ACC: PL48105014451000009080360853 SWIFT

EUR ACC: BENEFICIARY PL09105014451000009031194583


Payment details: support Ukraine

Ukrainian branch: LLC “VELBIT NAFTA”

EDRPOU 43300931

ITN 433009310081

Settlement account UA 90 306500 00000 26002300009769

JOINT STOCK BANK «RADABANK». Sort code 306500, Dnipro

Address: Kyiv region

Vyshhorod raion

City: Vyshhorod

Street: Sholudenka 14

ZIP code 07301

Director Tolstopiat Pavlo Oleksandrovych

NBU Special Account to Raise Funds for Ukraine’s Armed Forces

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