Tips to getting good sleep for a student in a college dorm

Good sleep is the key to vivacity, energy and health. So,to achieve quality sleep, use these few life hacks. They are not universal, so try them and choose which ones are most helpful for you.

Seek the silence

If your neighbors are having fun at night, try the following:

2. Calm down

Emotions affect the physiology of the body. A fast-beating heart or intense thoughts prevent the body from believing that it is safe to rest. It often happens that students are worried about their written work, the lack of time to complete it makes them panic. But there is always the opportunity to buy essays online, and other types of work, and get a good grade for them.You need to relax, develop a daily routine, then, by a certain time, the body itself will begin to prepare for sleep. To help it, you can use various soothing techniques. If they do not work, try keeping a journal or talking about emotions with friends. By releasing emotions gradually throughout the day, you will finally calm down before going to sleep.

3. Try specialized apps

They contain helpful tips, soothing techniques, and meditations. Some will play soothing instrumental music in the background to help you drift off and fall asleep soundly. Among them:

4. Say goodbye to your smartphone

The phone in bed is your number one enemy. Yes, the apps from the previous paragraph help you fall asleep, but news feeds, a flickering screen, and harsh video sounds will excite you and drive away sleep. If you cannot take your eyes off the screen, then at least reduce its brightness, and turn on the blue light setting. But ideally, put your phone away 1-2 hours before bedtime. In your free time, read a book, knit, take a walk in the fresh air, and take a shower. It will be much more useful.

5. Try extra measures

You can remove all annoying factors and still have problems falling asleep… so, more advice to sleep well.

6. Food versus sleep

Everything you eat during the day can remind you about itself later at night. It is not just about alcohol or stale food. A lot of sugar or other micronutrients can also prevent you from falling asleep. So carefully watch your diet, and then at night, you will sleep like a baby.

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