The Evolution of Business Name Generators and How They Help Businesses Grow

Given the popularity of small business formation, it is important for potential owners to be aware of its true nature. Selecting a name for your business can be a deceptively challenging task for new business owners, which is where business name generators come in handy. These tools are able to provide owners with thousands of names to choose from that can either act as a basis for brainstorming, or your company’s new name.

There are a number of different options to choose from, each with a set of unique features (e.g. cost, logo designers, domain checkers etc.) reflecting its stage in the evolution of business generators. A feature like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a good indicator of an evolved name generator as it is a more modern technology that will grant your business the digital edge over your competitors.

How To Use The Name Generator

As part of the formation requirements of all businesses in the U.S, companies are required to register themselves under a name that is both unique and in agreement with the specific requirements of the state.

A business name generator will produce a plethora of names to choose from for your company from only a few pieces of information that you need input, this includes:

This information helps the AI behind specific advanced name generators to produce the best results as well as improve the search discoverability of your business in the local area in which it will be based. 

In order to register your business under a specific name, your next step is to check that the suggested names are available in the state in which you want your new company to be based. This means ensuring that the name is unique to your state, and has an associated domain name that is concurrently available.

While doing this checking, it would be prudent to ensure your hopes for the new business name are unique with a US Federal Trademark Search, as well as clarifying no brand with an online presence has already assumed it.

Once all these steps have been completed, business owners are required to decide whether they will assume a brand name that is identical to their legally registered one, or if the name for your brand will be distinct. If the owner opts for the latter, they will then need to file for a DBA (‘Doing Business As’) name. 

How TRUiC’s Name Generator Helps

TRUiC (The Really Useful Information Company) provides one of the most popular business name generators available at the moment, and for good reason. It provides a myriad of features not available on its competitors.

For starters, their service is one of the most straightforward there is, and allows for speedy, immediate access to many thousands of potential business names. Users are able to filter the names that will be generated by specific keywords, the location (i.e. city/state) the business will be based in, or the industry the business will operate in (or all of these).

TRUiC’s business name generator also provides a method to help businesses grow by offering potential replacement keywords that could be used in the business’s name in order to increase its optimization for the search engine.

With the results in front of them, business owners can then ‘like’ the prospective names they take a liking to, which allows them to reflect on them later. Alternatively, if they immediately fancy a name, they are able to instantly pay for its associated domain name on GoDaddy, which rarely costs over the $4.99 price point.

Furthermore, another way in which business growth is aided by the name generator is its associated logo maker tool. Despite being technically distinct from this service, the same company offers its users the chance to find a new logo for their company to match their new name, and at no cost whatsoever. 

Closing Thoughts

On balance, business name generators have evolved significantly in their short lifespan. Good indicators of a generator’s modernity include its implementation of SEO features and other tools alongside it (such as a free logo maker). For more information on TRUiC’s business name generator, please see the attached resource.

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