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Have you always dreamt of visiting California? What are the destinations included in your must-visit list? It is impossible to deny that California is the state that attracts visitors with its picturesque views, impressive hiking opportunities, unforgettable beach experiences, tons of historic places, and sightseeing experiences. Nonetheless, it is inevitable to mention that by spending hours traveling around the state, you will surely get hungry. Would you prefer a luxurious restaurant for your meal? Are you ready to immerse yourself into the culture and traditions of the locals, relishing one of the most delicious burgers?

Browsing TripAdvisor, you will find lots of reviews about various spots around California. They feature different concepts, exclusive designs, unique services, and other options. But, the only thing that unites them all is the genuine taste of a burger.

Top 10 Spots in California Serving Delicious Burgers

California is popular for many things, including excellent movies, great landscapes, magnificent views, rich history, world-known places, and appealing traditions. However, there is another thing that makes the place unique, an array of burger spots offered in the state. Some of them are small, while others are big, but the item that makes them similar is the delicious and juicy burger.

Are you ready to taste national cuisine? Why don’t you start with burgers that are sold literally everywhere? Check out the list of the most appreciated places to purchase a burger in California.

Burgers Never Say Die

BNSD is the first place worth mentioning. The legendary spot attracts thousands of visitors every year, serving delicious burgers and delivering an exclusive atmosphere.

Mish Mash

Originally, Mish Mash was a pop-up that operated in the markets and breweries. However, later the menu of the place changes, and now it offers a magnificent California foodie experience you are looking for.

Flip. N. Shake

With over five years of experience in the market, it is a spot that provides customers with amazing burgers and a genuine atmosphere. The combination of these factors makes the spot ultimately popular among locals and tourists.

Electric Owl

The charming setting of the burger place makes it even more exciting. The spot which used to be a train station will help you feel nostalgic, recollecting the times when people used trains a lot. However, this is not the only thing you will love about Electric Owl, as the burgers served here will simply knock you out. Relish fantastic views tasting the most delicious burgers in your life.

Original Tommy’s

Have you ever heard about California chili burgers? It is time to taste them, and Original Tommy’s is the spot you should head to if you strive to have such an experience. According to the reviews of previous customers, you will need a lot of napkins, as it seems to be the juiciest and the messiest bite in your life.


What seems to be old school for some users remains a tradition for others. In-N-Out burger is a spot you should visit if you strive to understand the culture and learn some history of the state. Fast food joints are still appreciated for school kids and young adults. A considerable number of people love to stop by to taste their favorite burgers with fries.

Bob’s Big Boy

If you are the one to enjoy double-decker deals, this place is the top choice for you. Not only delicious burgers but also a plethora of other factors will make you love the spot. Fun waitresses, extended menu, iconic characters and several other factors contribute to the increasing popularity of the place. Besides, it is indispensable to mention that the spot is surrounded by numerous studios, so there is always a chance to greet a celebrity here.

The Apple Pan

The moment you start browsing the web in search of a trusted spot to taste burgers, you will surely come across The Apple Pan. Based in Los Angeles, it is an exclusive spot that is known around the nation. Fantastic burgers, excellent counter service, and the feeling of delight will make you come to the spot again and again.

Zuni Cafe

Although Zuni Cafe is known for its grilled chicken, a considerable number of its users cannot resist the temptation to get one of the burgers offered on the menu. As the meat is cooked in a wood-fired oven, you will have a chance to enjoy an exclusive taste. The burger is served with focaccia, which is another great advantage. Enjoy the atmosphere and the impressive taste of a genuine California burger.

Father’s Office

A renowned and modernized spot offers an unlimited variety of gourmet burgers. Even the most demanding client will find something appealing and attractive. Combine a juicy burger with a fantastic local brew to relish a true California experience.

Does the name of the cafe or restaurant sound appealing? It is not the reason to place an order there right away. Do you remember the times when you were a college student, paying ultimate attention to a comprehensive review? Follow the pattern and learn the feedback about the service to make sure it is the one you will appreciate.


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