The Best Autumn Films That Will Make You Forget About Moping

September, October, and November are months filled not only with fresh piercing winds and golden leaves but also with sadness and the inevitability of loss. We traditionally love autumn far less than spring and summer (and even winter), but there’s no denying that it’s the best time to reflect on what has been and will still be. Reflection and easy minor moods are the subjects of this selection of films because if you’re sad, it’s meaningful-beautiful.

“Sweet November” (2001)

Sarah is unlike any of the women Nelson, a successful entrepreneur, has known before. She is a rare breed of romantic and life-loving man today, able to enjoy each day as if it were her last. For the sake of his love for Sarah, the businessman is ready to sacrifice his own business and everything it takes. But it seems that no sacrifice can change fate – Sarah is terminally ill, and the new day for her may indeed never come.  But Nelson only learns of the terminal illness in the very finale, and in the meantime, they have one fall to love each other.

“When Harry Met Sally” (1989)

This is the story of two lovers who don’t seem at all ready to admit to themselves that there is more between them than a simple friendship. He gets married, she starts living with a new boyfriend, but neither Harry nor Sally gets to be truly happy. Futile attempts to find love with others forever lead to failure and disappointment. Everything will change with a single encounter when life gives the hapless seekers the chance to start all over again, only now not as best friends. But will they take advantage of the gift of fate?

“Legends of the Fall” (1994)

Everything begins according to the laws of a classic fairy tale: there were a father and three sons, and one day a beautiful maiden appeared in their lives. And that’s where the fairy tale ends and the hard reality begins. The appearance of a woman in a man’s space fatally changes the lives of each of the four characters. Against the background of personal tragedies unfolds World War II, from which not all family members are destined to return. The film is imbued with autumnal longing and inexpressible love for the land of the ancestors, Great Britain.

“Hannah and Her Sisters” (1986)

Woody Allen is not only an outstanding filmmaker but also seems to be an artist at heart. Who else but him manages to convey with amazing poetic precision all the diversity and beauty of urban landscapes. A kind of philosophical and ironic urbanism. The comedy “Hannah and Her Sisters” is no exception. Thanksgiving – the most autumnal American holiday (despite the fact that it is celebrated on the last Thursday of November, which is almost winter). It is around this holiday that the exciting events of the film unfold. And it does not do without surprises, because the main characters of the picture are not people at all, but… warm sweaters and coats.

“Autumn in New York” (2000)

This is the classic we grew up with. Have we cried over anything more than the story of Will and Charlotte, played by Richard Gere and Winona Ryder? Autumn New York is captivating in its beauty. It is here, in Central Park, in the midst of golden autumn, that the lothario Will Keane first meets his future sweetheart Charlotte. Now all the Casanova principles are in the past, the world is divided into “before” and “after.” But what monstrous surprise prepared for the protagonist of this “after”? Charlotte is terminally ill, and this New York autumn is her last, as is her love for Will.

“Autumn Sonata” (1978)

“Autumn Sonata” ─ a feature film by Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. Its heroine, Shalott, is a famous pianist. She has everything to be happy: unsurpassed talent, fame, beauty, and two children. True, having given Charlotte the ability to reproduce divine sounds, God has not rewarded her with love for her own daughters. For the first time in many years, the world star arrives in the remote village to visit the eldest child and is horrified to find that the younger daughter, suffering from paralysis, is alive and claiming a share of the mother’s affection. The picture ends with Charlotte’s departure: as if appearing out of nowhere, she will disappear again, leaving her unloved children and sinking into oblivion…

Remember, autumn is not the time to be sad and dejected. Watch movies, get involved in sports, and watch 22bet betting results to spur your interest, meet up more often with friends and family. Make this fall the best one yet.


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