The Basics of Divorce Recovery – Move Forward with These Rules in Mind

The main advice that can be given to a person who recovers from a painful divorce is to take care of his or her physical and mental health. You cannot even imagine how much more exciting your life will become after incorporating healthy and beneficial habits in your day-to-day life. What is more, making healthy food choices as well as working out provides an unreplaceable feeling of accomplishment.

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Talk About Feelings

A mentally healthy person understands what is going on inside of him or her and is not ashamed of sharing it with the closest people. People are usually reluctant to express fear, anxiety, dissatisfaction, and doubt because they do not want to admit their weakness, imperfection, and inability to cope with a challenge on their own. These emotions are the same as love, and one must not keep them inside when his heart calls for help and support desperately.

Set Both Big And Small Goals

Life without a goal is purposeless. While setting long-term goals embeds your life within a certain framework, short-term goals assist you on your way to your target. Precisely, small-scale goals allow you to catch the moment and not give up on your tough way.


There is a huge difference between exercising to lose weight and working out to improve general physical ability, psychological condition, and mood. Scientists claim that it is absolutely not obligatory to attend the gym in order to get fit. Sports, bodyweight exercises in the fresh air are the best work out. Do not set yourself unreachable goals to lift weight 2 hours a day. Find the activity that you consider appealing. Jump rope is especially effective, as it burns a lot of calories, has a lot of variations, and motivates to exercise outdoors.

Contact with nature is of great importance for health – at least because of its impact on stress. Feel the energy of the world that surrounds you instead of suffocating in a crowded and sweaty gym.

Maintain Contacts With Real People

Many relationships are based on Facebook and Instagram. Focusing on such contact brings feelings of loneliness, stress, and Internet addiction. Real-life relationships have a great impact on self-esteem, quality of life, and a sense of belonging. Of course, you do not need a whole herd of people to be ‘friends’ with. One person to share your worries and interest and laugh is even more than enough.

Challenge Yourself

Challenge requires a person to leave his or her comfortable bubble and do something demanding. Challenges are not the same as goals – these are experiences that may not be associated with the pursuit of success. They are rather activities to cope with stress, develop willpower and self-control. For example, a challenge to exercise daily for 100 days non-stop. How will you feel at the end of the challenge? You will be proud of yourself, self-satisfied, not stuck in one place, but constantly developing and moving forward.

To motivate yourself to not give up on a challenge, ask yourself these questions:

Keep in mind that as you go, the challenge will be easier and easier to continue. For example, if you have set a challenge to give up sugar for a month, then keep reminding yourself that it is only tough during the first week, as your mind is desperately seeking some glucose from white sugar. But as time goes, your body will adapt, and saying ‘no’ to a sugary treat would be effortless.

Stop Comparing Your Life Challenges To Those Of Others

The thing is – you have no idea what other people are facing. You look at them from your perspective, but you are not aware of what their life is like behind closed doors. If you compare yourself to other people, feel inferior to them, you lose confidence, fall into a trap of jealousy and stop appreciating what you have achieved and are eager to accomplish.

A good strategy to avoid comparing yourself to other people is to compare your present self and your past self. What new features have you noticed in yourself? What did you learn? There are definitely things that you are better at than you have ever been before, so recognize them. But do not forget to go on.

Ask For Help

It is normal for people to not admit their failure – they would rather bite their tongue than open up. A person who takes care of their mental health has a little support group around them. It is easier to overcome hardships once you know that there is someone who will always help.

If you help others – you can expect a rematch. Help other people and they will be willing to help you as well – this is actually the rule of life.


The best way to recover from divorce naturally is still self-care and improvement. Of course, you can add some other method, which is proven to be effective, but assessing harmony between your body and mind is essential.

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