Stellar Lumens Price Prediction for 2021 to 2025

It is worth recognizing that the cryptocurrency market works like a clock and is sensitive to any significant events in the life of each of the cryptocurrencies. This is evident from the performance of Bitcoin, which has grown by 60% in three weeks.

What Is Stellar

Stellar is an open source network. This means that access to systems and the ability to influence their work is open to any user on the network. This platform accepts digital and fiat currencies, does not grant privileges to individual users, and supports smart contracts.

Stellar’s decentralized network is built on a blockchain that maintains network synchronization. Stellar blockchain improves network efficiency, enables international payments to be transferred, saves time and reduces transfer costs. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, it is still more of a payment system than cryptocurrency itself.

The Stellar network operates a unique FBA (Federated Byzantine Network) consensus protocol. The goals of the project echo those of Ripple, one of its closest competitors: Stellar is also aimed at synchronizing and simplifying the work of large financial institutions. The internal coin of the network was named Stellar Lumens (XLM).

History of Prices Stellar Lumens

Since its launch in 2014, altcoin hasn’t had any noticeable success. This changed in December 2017 when it surpassed the $ 0.1 price level. In early January 2018, XLM set a record at $ 0.93.

The coin failed to gain a foothold at this level, and during 2018 the price returned to almost its original positions. Until early 2021, Stellar Lumens traded in the $ 0.07-0.15 range. This year XLM reached a local maximum and again entered the TOP 10 largest cryptocurrencies.May this year turned out to be generous with records for many cryptocurrency pairs, including BTC to Shib.

XLM Price Prediction 

The Stellar Lumens price prediction is generally optimistic. Altcoin is expected to trade in a range of $ 0.40 to $ 0.60 during 2021. 2022 is still seen as calm with a slow rise in price to $ 0.65 with a possible breakout to a new high of around $ 1. If the coin gains a foothold at this mark, growth to $ 1.4 is likely in 2023. If by this time the market skepticism towards cryptocurrencies, in particular, towards XLM, gradually dries up, the prospects for growth to $ 2 will open before the coin with a new target of $ 5 in 2025.

One of the most complete, but still rather restrained forecasts made by the agency Long Forecast.

Stellar Price Prediction for 2021

Agency experts believe that by the beginning of autumn, the altcoin will be trading in the range of $ 0.7-0.8. By the end of the year, it is possible to expand the price range to the range of $ 0.75-0.96.

XLM Price Forecast for 2022-2023

Long forecast fans expect the coin to remain in the $ 0.6-0.7 price range in the first half of 2022 and move slightly lower by the end of the year. The forecast for 2023 looks more optimistic. Experts expect growth to $ 0.8 in the first quarter with possible targets of $ 1.0-1.5 by the end of 2023.

Stellar (XLM) Price Prediction for 2025

It is very difficult to make long-term predictions for any cryptocurrency. This market is very volatile and unpredictable due to its youth. On a purely technical basis, a new Stellar record of $ 5 is possible during 2025.


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