Sober Living Homes: How Does It Help?

Completed the rehab treatment but afraid to move back to home and start life again? Let sober living facilities help you to start sober life in Austin again. So what is it? 

Well! A sober living home is a residential facility that offers temporary or permanent supportive housing for people who are recovering from addiction, such as alcohol and drug addiction. People who live in these facilities, known as sober-living homes, often undergo regular testing of their sobriety and possess an official certificate to prove they are not drinking or using drugs. The main goal of these facilities  is to get individuals into housing early on in their treatment regimen when they are still considered “clean” due to the short amount of time between detoxing and being stabilized on medication and other recovery treatments.

How does sober living work? 

These homes operate as recovery homes in which recovering alcoholics and addicts can live temporarily while they continue with their journey to sobriety. People usually join these facilities after completing their addiction treatment in drug or alcohol rehab Austin TX facility. The idea being that they are surrounded by people who can encourage them, walk with them, and help sustain their recovery process. 

The houses are staffed with a mix of non-clinician counselors, life coaches, and peer support specialists who work hard to ensure that the residents return to their families, communities, and jobs as healthy individuals. 

Sober living homes are an option for those individuals who have completed drug or alcohol detox Austin TX rehabilitation programs but would prefer not to return home or are unable to return home due to family conflict issues or unsatisfactory living situations.

What does a sober home look like? 

Many houses have multiple levels, with a main home and smaller guesthouses. The size of the house is determined by where the patient first gets admitted. Some houses may only include 3-4 bedrooms, while others may include 2 or more levels with 8 bedrooms or more. Some sober living homes have a fully equipped gym, spa, and other activities or amenities unique to each facility. Some of these houses actually function as the main residence for their residents as well.

Most sober living homes are community or residential facilities located in cities across the United States. There are branches located throughout many areas of the country. These houses operate as partners of each other and provide their patients with the opportunity to enjoy some of their favorite pastimes, such as fishing and horseback riding.

Followed Approach

In most of the facilities, The 12 Key Holistic Model is used to show each patient how they can live a sober life while still enjoying some of their favorite activities. This allows patients to maintain a positive state of mind while being able to focus on maintaining their sobriety.

The Bottom Line

Sober living facility is a great option for those who recently completed their treatment and rehab and are looking for urgent care to make a successful transition back to normal life. So, if you also fall in the same category, find a sober living facility near you and be a part of it today!

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