Soaring Inflation has Businesses Exploring More Consumer-Friendly Methods

If there’s one thing that’s weighing heavily on the minds of consumers and business owners alike, it’s inflation. The general public is getting increasingly concerned with the rises in prices for standard living expenses, while most business have been strong-armed into increasing prices for goods and services due to inflation – causing some to lose a bit of business as a result.

Recent reports on the increase of inflation across the US showcase that the consumer price index has shot up 9.1 percent year-on-year, with gasoline, rent, dental, and groceries seeing the steepest price increases. So, customers are looking to save money wherever possible, and some online businesses have started to double down on more accessible ways for customers to interact with products and services.

The art of the free trial

It’s been a fairly common practice for quite a while, but with increased competition, the need to offer a free trial has only become greater. This is especially prominent in online streaming, with the myriad of free trials essentially allowing consumers to bounce from one to another for months if they don’t mind leaving behind their watch lists.

Free trials are a particularly consumer-friendly way to open a service up to a wider audience. Even at relatively low subscription fees, many people are hesitant to commit to such a deal without being able to see and experience the service for themselves first. So, businesses that offer premium online content should consider even a one-week free trial as a good way to increase appeal.

Additional reasons to join and stay

Customer retention is key, and sometimes, industry leaders all offering freebies and similar incentives simply allow customers to bounce from brand to brand. In keeping with offering something extra, the online casino sign up bonus of a 100 percent matched deposit gives those who sign up double the playing funds right off of the bat, but the promotion doesn’t end there.

Those who stick around can also get their hands on 50 free spins on the smash-hit slot Kings of Crystals every day. So, while the opening offer isn’t exactly a freebie, instead matching the initial monetary commitment, it does offer a boost to new customers while also giving a reason to stick around instead of finding other offers elsewhere.

Benefits of establishing a tester program

You’ll find at the top of a whole heap of “save money fast” articles the many websites that offer ways for people to sample or test products without charge, mostly only requiring reviews or feedback for the privilege. There are many of these websites, with the likes of PINCHme, Try Products, and being the prime examples, but more businesses should look to bring the practice in-house.

Many brands offer subscription or loyalty models that then giveaway goods, but what we’re talking about here is having a program dedicated to allowing customers to get samples, testers, or even full products. In return, the business can get valuable feedback as well as earn a lot of goodwill with the testers. Furthermore, reciprocity could come into play, with testers then wanting to buy the products outright afterward.

Free trials, welcome and reoccurring bonuses, and tester programs can all help to make a business stand out as customer-friendly in these trying times.

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