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The website is known for blogging about unlicensed and fake THC cartridge brands. They just announced a major upcoming upgrade for January that will allow their visitors to report into a database unlicensed THC cartridges, and also comment about them. At the moment their current reporting system isn’t the most user-friendly, but all of these changes in January 2022, with the possibility of before.

With THC cartridges skyrocketing in popularity over the past few years, more and more unlicensed, counterfeit cartridges are being produced. These counterfeit cartridges can have severe health ramifications and have been linked to sickness, and in some extreme cases, death. New and veteran smokers alike can fall prey to these counterfeits, with smokers in non-legal states being especially vulnerable. They are often very similar in packaging and hard to tell without close inspection, something that isn’t always an option when purchasing, especially in non-legal states.

It didn’t take long for the fake cart market to take off, as concentrates became increasingly popular, and more states chose to legalize marijuana. This left many people who want to legal buy THC cartridges in envy, as others from legal states enjoy high-quality options from reputable companies. With the lack of a legal distributor, the counterfeit market took advantage of the situation and began using well-known brands to market their inferior product. These cartridges are often much lower quality and carry some extreme health risks. These carts can be filled with harmful chemicals and additives, in an attempt to fabricate the look and taste of the original product.

Report Unlicensed THC Carts

Luckily, the people over at are developing a reporting system that allows users to easily report any unlicensed, counterfeit carts that they come across. Once a report is made, it will be added to the database where people can comment on. Before this, it was solely their staff reporting unlicensed THC oil carts such as Glo Carts, and fake Runtz carts.

Huge communities on reddit inspired Leafipedia

Smokers over at Reddit, the popular social media site, can often be found in threads asking about the legitimacy of their carts. There is even a board dedicated to spreading information about fake carts called r/fakecartridges, /cleancarts, where users discuss fake cartridges they have encountered. While information can often be found, it is hard to verify and search through the many posts to find the specific information that you are looking for. The smokers over at Reddit and all over the world will benefit from a detailed database of all the known counterfeit carts. With the report system that is developing you can find all the information about cart legitimacy in one place. needs your help in adding to the list of illegitimate THC carts. Perhaps you or a friend have recently purchased some carts that you find questionable. Having a reliable database of fakes will deter people from falling victim to the same fraudulent and potentially dangerous THC vape carts. It always pays to be safe and sure, so when purchasing carts that don’t come directly from a licensed dispensary, you should always do what you can to verify the legitimacy of your cart.

A few notable cartridges that are very popular in the counterfeit markets that should be mentioned here are the Runtz brand and the Raw Garden brand carts. Many have probably come across these brands, as they are two of the most popular and recognizable brands to date, making them the perfect carts to counterfeit, as they are constantly in high demand. Keep an eye out for these brands in particular and be wary of anyone claiming their legitimacy. has detailed information on the differences and telltale signs of counterfeits from these brands and many more.

In a perfect world, there would be no counterfeit carts, and marijuana would be licensed and legal in all parts of the world, but until then help keep yourself and your fellow smokers safe by playing a part in the building of a database of known counterfeit THC carts. This ground effort is the first of its kind and is being led by the owners over at, who are dedicated to keeping your smoking experience safe and healthy. Visit their website to make a report, view the current listing of suspect fake THC carts, and stay informed. With THC carts becoming increasingly popular, the counterfeit market will likely remain active for the foreseeable future. Don’t put your health at risk smoking something that is unverified, and be sure to speak out on any carts you encounter that you find were suspect.

At the end of the day we all want a clean and safe smoking experience, and with your help, hopes to make that a reality.


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