Proposed Benefits Of CBD Infused Beauty Products

CBD is a natural cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant that helps rebuild the natural balance of your body. It possesses anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is used to treat various skin conditions. CBD is not addictive, so consuming it or applying it directly to the skin won’t make you feel “high.”

This article will explain the evidence-based benefits of CBD for the skin.

  1. Acne

Multiple research studies identified several therapeutic properties that could point to CBD’s efficacy as an acne treatment.

  1. Dryness, Redness & Itchiness

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are helpful in the treatment of dermatologic conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. This is because CBD helps reduce dryness, swelling, irritation, redness, and breakouts from these skin conditions (5).

  1. Ageing

The antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help prevent the appearance of skin ageing (6). CBD anti-aging creams visibly reduce wrinkles, dullness, and redness by combating free radical damage and reducing the appearance of inflammation.

  1. Skin Infections

CBD possesses anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties therefore it helps treat skin infections (7). 

  1. Skin Elasticity and Hydration

CBD may be effective for dry, dehydrated skin (8). The research studies found that the use of topical CBD ointment twice daily for three months resulted in significant improvements in skin hydration and elasticity in patients with various skin conditions and skin scarring (9).


CBD has the potential to promote healthier skin. If you’re interested in adding CBD to your skincare routine, you can choose the high-quality products from OTO’s CBD skincare range. This is because each OTO product combines CBD with a carefully selected combination of essential oils and ayurvedic botanicals to promote your skin health. This skincare range has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that make your skin hydrated, decrease hyperpigmentation, promote elasticity and smoothness, remove scars, and bring you back to perfect skin health.


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