Nursing Home Budgets in California Are Being Cut By $280 Million

The State of California has laid out a proposal that includes cutting nursing home budgets by $280 million. This has sent shockwaves throughout the state and skilled nursing providers are calling on Governor Gavin Newson to reconsider.

While this is stemming into something that can concern residents with elderly loved ones, they might be feeling like they don’t have any other options.

If you are a parent that is concerned about what could happen to your loved ones if they are in a nursing home, you want to have all your legal options available. With that said, let’s take a look at why the possibility of nursing home budgets are being cut.

“It’s stunning”

According to Craig Cornett of the California Association of Health Facilities, he says that it’s stunning that Governor Newsom and the state are considering the idea of cutting nursing home budgets. Cornett states that skilled nursing for the most vulnerable residents are needed.

And it is true. Those who are in nursing homes are there because they need the care provided because they may no longer take care of themselves. They may also be dealing with health issues that will require regular care from medical personnel.

When you get your parents into a nursing home, they will need it for around the clock care because of the health issues they may have. You may have the resources to consider other options such as taking care of them in your home or placing them in an assisted living facility.

Making The Decision Whether Or Not To Encourage Your Parent To Enter A Nursing Home

If you reside in California and have a parent that needs extensive nursing care, this policy will make the decision difficult. If cuts affect nearby nursing facilities, this may cause your options for nursing care to dwindle. With that said, it’s important to consider other options.

This can include hiring in-home nursing care to visit your parents. They may be there for hours at a time to take care of them. It may be something you’ll have to consider, even though you feel apprehensive about other people coming into your home.

Given their health condition, it may seem like a far reach to place them in an assisted living facility. While this will give them independence and space for living, they can get the medical care they need via the on-site staff. But this might be out of the question assuming they are not in the best possible shape.

You may also need to consider a lawyer if your parent is already in a nursing home and their facility is facing cuts. You don’t want to be saddled with a decision where your loved one may be left out in the dark. While the nursing home budgets may be funded by the state, it can put many residents in a world of hurt.

If you are a family member of affected residents, it’s time to make your voice heard. And you’ll need a lawyer to represent you as part of this fight.

Final Thoughts

WIth nursing homes in California staring down the barrel of a budget cut, it’s angering skilled nursing workers, parents of the vulnerable residents, and people in general. It’s never a good idea to consider making budget cuts to something that may affect our most vulnerable citizens.

If you are dealing with nursing home related issues, a legal expert can help. Whether it’s for nursing home abuse or being displaced, contact a lawyer that will be with you every step of the way.


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