Medichem: the most international Spanish pharmaceutical company

Medichem is an independent company based in Barcelona. Founded in 1972 and for more than 45 years, Medichem has been in the process development and manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), including Highly Potent.

In 2016, Medichem merged with Combino Pharm, which is engaged in the development and manufacturing (licensing) of finished dosage forms. With this merger, Medichem has become a vertically integrated pharmaceutical company that can offer a complete range of products and services for the pharmaceutical industry with the highest standards of quality, operational excellence and respect for the environment. After the merger, the company is made up of a team of 450 people working at its sites in Spain, Malta and China, of which 20% is dedicated to R&D.

This pharmaceutical company offers the market the manufacture of active pharmaceutical processes in an environment aimed at the business digitization of its products. Considered one of the main companies in Spain within the national ranking of entities, it is also among the 450 companies in Barcelona. This company has its headquarters in this city on the Iberian Peninsula, and has production plants in Celrá, located in the province of Girona; in Malta and in the People’s Republic of China, a conglomerate that encompasses more than 600 corporate clients in more than fifty countries around the world.

For greater confidence towards its customers, as well as a longer period of useful life for its products, Medichem employs integrated active components that guarantee these two options, presenting several management objectives in the production lines.

Environmental protection, the central axis of its business policy

In the company they validate that the total production of the industry, generally associated with chemical substances, is in correspondence with the environmental standards stipulated at the international level. On this subject, Medichem designed a strategy aimed at minimizing the environmental impact from the beginning of all its projects and aimed at achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, basing its operations on responsible routines and continuous evaluation processes. Thanks to this, in four years it reduced the relative indicator of environmental behavior by 15% and with it, the impact on the environment.

Without compromising the final quality of the products it develops, Medichem applies different policies associated with reusing water, recovery and recycling, and treatment to reduce atmospheric emissions.

Such is its recognition in environmental matters, that just a week ago, Elisabeth Stampa, its executive director, had the oven to receive distinguished people in its manufacturing plant: Miriam Dalli, Minister of Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development of Malta; And Kurt Farrugia, the CEO of Malta Enterprise. Medichem believes that these meetings are always an ideal way to create connections and a dialogue full of honesty.

Technological strategies for the present

Being almost five decades in the market does not mean being obsolete. On the contrary, Medichem has implemented a new digital strategy aimed at promoting its services in line with recent trends.

On the website, conceived in an interactive and dynamic way according to user preferences, Medichem updates on its products that include 45 APIs (ingredients or active pharmaceutical substances) and 20 FDF (finished pharmaceutical product), placing it as a leader in scale global in relation to the chlorhexidine product (an antiseptic with bactericidal and fungicidal action) and in the production of others under the use of advanced technologies, all endorsed in the more than 900 marketing authorizations and 17 sustainability certificates.

Within their proposal, they refer on their website that the company provides value-added projects, combined with new technological platforms and with the use of innovation and development in the Ru0026D formula, projects that are considered technically challenging to provide high-quality products. value added. In addition to the information about the products that they provide on their website, Medichem also offers job offers, providing the facility to complete the information necessary for the application from the company’s own portal. In this case, it uses the necessary parameters to apply for the position, in addition to other information such as the requirements that applicants must have and the offers offered by the consortium.

Pharmaceutical electronic commerce

The company enters the world of electronic commerce, an offer in tune with this time that provides new opportunities within the sector and makes the products and services it offers even more visible. A challenge that was met with the recent incorporation of the company to the marketplace, a space made up of companies from all over the world that have been reviewed to guarantee their reliability to buy and sell raw materials to the global pharmaceutical industry.

In Kemiex, Medichem found the route for trading raw materials destined for the pharmaceutical industry through discussion and exchange with the interested party in order to reach a final agreement, with a time for validating offers and the possibility of close transactions, everything, in digital format.

In general, Medichem works through a group of research, development and production facilities located mainly in Europe and Asia, with a market consolidated by the experience of almost 50 years of work in the sector and that, like many companies, they direct their actions to the digital space in order to win in sales processes.

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