Life as a Full-Time Traveler: Pros and Cons

Every traveler has probably debated with themselves whether or not they would like to travel full-time. It goes without saying that quitting your job, abandoning your long-term home, getting ready to leave for life, and jetting out indefinitely is a huge decision that should not be taken lightly. But whether it’s worthwhile to take that large step or not is another story.

Weighing the alternatives objectively can be difficult when faced with such a large decision. That’s why we’ve compiled a summary of some of the advantages and drawbacks of a full-time traveler lifestyle to assist you to get a more accurate perspective.

Pros of traveling full-time

Experience geography and culture in person

There is no better way to understand a country’s geography than by having to make your route from north to south on a jumble of challenging and unreliable public transportation systems. It’s hard to imagine the lives of ancient societies unless you’ve been in the midst of their civilizations’ ruins.

And by far the best approach to gain an understanding of any society or way of living is to participate fully in it for an extended time. You will start recognizing their mentality, their language, and the way they like to drink their coffee. And that is one precious knowledge that you can’t gain otherwise.

Mind-opening potential

It’s no secret that travel may help you broaden your perspective and help you grow personally and spiritually. So the mind-opening possibilities for those who choose to take up their bag and leave home forever, are endless. Wherever you go and every experience you get while exploring teaches you more about our planet than any book could ever show you, and for those who cannot end traveling, the world-wisdom you will gather is irreplaceable.

There is no other way to obtain the insight and experience, and regardless of all the other reasons why it’s a worthwhile goal, this should be enough to persuade those on the edge to pack their belongings and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Every single day is an adventure

This term couldn’t be more applicable when you’re on the road full-time. Aside from the basics, you cannot know what the following day or month would offer. Perhaps you’ll be assisting in an orphanage somewhere in Europe or living on a farm in rural California.

There is no lack of enthusiasm to get out of bed every morning when your main occupation is “traveler.” To be a long-term backpacker is a constantly gratifying experience, but you always need to have some kind of accommodation no matter where you are. No matter if you find a cheap little mountain hut or a list of cheap apartments for rent in San Francisco to choose from, always have a place to leave your backpack.

Cons of traveling full-time

Missing your comfy home

Despite the fact that your life will be suddenly filled with limitless fascinating and gratifying situations, no matter how easily adaptable you are, there will be times when you will miss your home comforts. There are some indulgences that just aren’t done when you’re on the move, whether it’s cuddling up on your living room sofa or sitting down in a bubble bath with your favorite fragrances.

Missing these comforts of home is a show-stopper for some folks. Others, on the other hand, may find that a peaceful night watching videos in your accommodation or waking up early to reward yourself with a nice bath or shower is enough to compensate for these sacrifices.

You’ll miss your loved ones

Along with the physical components of a house, another important part of your life you miss while traveling for an extended period is the people you love. It can be tough not to have all of your dear ones in the same area sometimes, especially when you have to face some of the challenges of long-term travel.

Similarly, you may find yourself wishing that you could share the incredible moments and adventures you are experiencing with those important to you back home. Even though it is possible to communicate with those you miss via social networks, different timezones might make this difficult. That’s why many long-term backpackers prefer to travel in groups.

Final thoughts

Anyone who’s had a glimpse of traveling has probably fantasized about leaving it all behind and going into the world. This is a terrific ambition for many. The numerous benefits and drawbacks associated with this way of life are always worth considering, as it is critical to understand both sides of a story before making a major life decision.


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