Jewish Communities in California: Participating in Your Faith Beyond Your Doorstep

If you are a member of the Jewish community in California, then it is likely that you honour your religion within your own household. Whether this entails daily prayers, giving thanks at dinner, or even in small ways such as hanging mezuzahs on their door frames or the Star of David on the walls; it is essential to keep your Jewish faith close to you.

For our children, especially, this is an important part of their understanding of the religion and how it should influence their everyday life. But how can you honour the Jewish faith beyond your doorstep?

In Los Angeles alone the Jewish community reaches over 530,000, making it the third-largest community in the world. Involving yourself in this community can be the perfect way to participate in your faith, helping you to feel one with the Jewish values, beliefs and the love which is so integral to the message of the scripture.

How To Become Involved With The Californian Jewish Community

Some of the fastest growing Jewish communities reside in Conejo Valley and Simi Valley, which are part of the eastern Ventura County and South Bay. Integrating yourself into communities like these can be done either through regular participation in synagogue services, or through get-together activities and holidays such as the Passover or Rosh Hashana.

There are many Jewish holidays, and you will find all of these communities celebrate them in some way. Getting to know your brethren during these times, even if it’s through something as simple as a hot meal and a conversation, can be a great way to feel valued as a Jew, whilst also helping you to broaden your understanding of the scripture and the emphasis that Judaism has on your life.

Are There Any Other Events That Bring The Community Together?

Of course, there are plenty of opportunities for a Jewish community to gather in the name of Judaica. Traditional Jewish weddings are often large events that involve the whole community, allowing everyone to come together and celebrate your love and faith which you are all connected to. These involve gift giving, celebration and dancing and (although this surely goes without saying) a whole lot of beautiful, delicious Jewish food.

What Will Participating In The Community Do For Me?

Community is important, but so is your understanding of your faith and the way in which you carry it with you into your everyday life. Participating in Jewish community can help you learn more about the religion, as well as how you can integrate and fully utilise the scripture’s many messages and values.

Community is also a fundamental part of Judaism. Whether it’s in the last hundred years or our ancestors from centuries ago, Jews have gone through and  endured a lot of hardship. One of the ways they did that was through staying together and placing a value on community, love and kindness. If you aim to become one with your Jewish community, you are not only bettering your own understanding of the religion, but you are also honouring your ancestors and ensuring that today’s communities remain strong.


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