Implement the SIMPLE Method for Organizational Assistance When Starting Out

“What is the SIMPLE method? I discovered this approach through Real Simple, where professional organizer Kathy Jenkins outlined a straightforward process for tidying up a space efficiently. The aim of the SIMPLE method is to act promptly and decisively, avoiding excessive overthinking of the task at hand. The acronym comprises six steps:

  • Sort like items together
  • Identify what you wish to keep
  • Establish designated storage areas
  • Utilize containers for organization
  • Label everything for easy identification
  • Establish a regular routine

There are resemblances to other organizational methods, such as the Organizational Triangle and the Peter Walsh method. However, the SIMPLE method stands out for two reasons: Firstly, it emphasizes the importance of labeling. Having storage containers is ineffective if their contents are unknown, making basic labels crucial, especially for those less inclined towards organization. Secondly, the final step emphasizes establishing a routine. Decluttering is only the initial step; maintaining organization requires ongoing effort. Setting a routine, such as conducting a quick review of the first five steps monthly, helps maintain order in the long run.

To maximize the effectiveness of this method, tackle small sections of your home each day rather than attempting everything at once. For example, focus on one room per day, or break it down further by addressing individual closets, countertops, or shelves.

Why does SIMPLE work? This technique is effective because it provides clear instructions, addresses significant challenges, and minimizes deliberation. While you have autonomy in deciding what to keep or discard, you must adhere to the storage limitations. Unlike some methods that allow for sentimentality or a slow pace, SIMPLE prioritizes decisiveness and action. If you struggle with motivation or decision-making during cleaning, consider giving this method a try.”

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