How to Smoke Your Favorite Weed? 

The legalization of recreational marijuana has really helped highlight the benefits of the compound. Anxiety, stress, and insomnia are only some of the many issues that you can get rid of with the help of weed.

But, how to get the most of these benefits?

The best and easiest way is to grab some of your best rolling papers and roll up a joint!

Let’s get rolling!

Finding the Right Quality Weed Strain

This may sound obvious but you really can’t enjoy smoking weed, if you’re stuck with the wrong strain.

To choose the best weed strain for you, you need to know which type of marijuana plant your strain is from as it will determine your smoking experience. There are three main strains:


This marijuana plant can really help you relax to the fullest. It gives you a full-body high and might also make you feel drowsy.


Sativa is best used during the daytime. It gives you a head-high, which gives you just the right amount of energy and motivation to get through your day.


This is usually a combination of the two types of plants mentioned above. You may have to look into the percentages of each to fully determine the impact.

When picking a strain, we suggest you keep in mind the following information:

To Joint, Blunt, or Spliff?

Depending on the type of rolling paper you use, you can enjoy your weed strain in a joint, blunt, or spliff.

What’s the difference? Well, let’s take a closer look:


Perhaps one of the most popular ways of smoking weed, joints use a slightly transparent, lightweight paper. Usually, joints contain purely weed strains without the addition of anything else.

They also have a paper filter called a crutch to protect your fingers from getting burnt. Just make sure to pick the best rolling paper and you’ll have an amazing time.


Another popular way to smoke weed is through blunts. Similar to joints blunts also contain pure weed content. However, the major difference is that blunts are made of tobacco paper, which is more dense and brown in color.


Spliffs are perhaps the least common types of weed rolls. These usually contain a mixture of weed and tobacco.

Once you’ve decided on what you want to smoke, it’s all a matter of rolling and lighting it up!

Other Things You May Need

At the most basic level, to roll a joint all you need is weed, rolling paper, a filter, and a match stick or light.

However, if you want to go a little further there are a few things that might be worth getting to make your smoking experience even more enjoyable.

Joint Roller

If you’re having a hard time using your fingers to roll the joints, you might want to try a joint roller. You just have to add your weed strain, your rolling paper, and then just roll. The joint roller does the rest of the job for you!


If you want smoother hits, you must have the best grinder for weed. It’s a device that helps break your cannabis into smaller bits.


You can also just purchase pre-rolled cones. They make your job a lot easier. You may want to get a loader to help you fill the cone with cannabis.


Now, with our guidelines, you should have trouble rolling up your favorite weed strain and enjoy it in a joint.

And don’t be too hesitant to try out new flavors and smells, who knows, you might even find a new favorite strain in the process.


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