How to Make a Good entry-level Electrical Engineering Resume

An Electrical Engineer is responsible for designing electrical systems, their components and finding electrical faults with systems or products. They are also responsible for installing, servicing, updating, and calibrating electrical systems! This encapsulates what should be included in an Electrical Engineering Resume.

Electrical Engineers have vast experience in dealing with electrical systems, so as you might have guessed, they are paid a lot too. You might not be aware, but, but an electrical engineer’s average salary is $90,915 per year in the United States.

Read the Job Description

 Before making the resume, ensure that you have read the job description. Then, use the technical words and phrases that match your skills to decorate your resume!

Make sure your resume is ATS compliant

Ensure that you have read the job description and added profile-centric keywords to your resume that are recognizable to Applicant Tracking Systems. It will prove your eligibility and worthiness for the targeted job profile and will help your parse through the ATS screening round.

Remember to write your contact info

Remember to include your contact information in a header format above your resume! Also, add your name, email, phone number, and LinkedIn profile Include these details just so they are seen by a potential employer and can be used to contact you.

Write a good summary statement

Make sure you write a short synopsis of 2-3 lines highlighting your strengths. This is often considered the most important part of the resume since upon reading this section, the employer decides whether or not to read the rest of the resume!

Include your work experience

Mentioning previous job roles and responsibilities is a great idea. You can also go so far as to mention how your work helped advance the organization and its goals in chronological order.

Next, include your educational qualifications

For a potential electrical engineer, your Btech/BE or Mtech/ME degree is a must-mention!  Be sure to mention the college you studied in, as well as the year you graduated. If you are a PG, don’t forget to mention your projects! Also, include relevant training and certifications.

Remember to note hard and soft skills

Remember that to include all the skills mentioned in the job description. For eg., fresher can note down their hard skills like knowledge of Autocad, Circuit Micro-controllers, programmable logic controllers, PCB designing, C#, etc. List also soft skills like leadership potential, problem-solving, and good communication skills.

Finally, Proofread

Remember to finally proofread while checking for grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes. Use actionable language that is crisp and to the point. 

Key points to look into!

Lastly, you can write an impressive resume summary with a fresh mind after wrapping up every other section of your resume.

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Following these steps will help make an impressive electrical engineering resume in 2022 that will likely get shortlisted for the job you feel is most suited to you!


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