How to Choose the Best Pool Cleaner for Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are a popular choice for pool owners for their array of advantages. While it is still considered a premium building material, it is generally easier to maintain, an excellent insulator, and highly durable. So if you did ever opt for a fiberglass pool over vinyl or concrete, you made the right choice.

But here’s the deal: No matter what the material your pool is built, it is still a maintenance magnet, whether you like it or not. Pools attract all kinds of dirt and debris, and fiberglass pools are no different. With that being said, fiberglass pools are easier to clean than concrete pools because they are less porous. Fiberglass surfaces collect dirt and grime, whereas concrete is literally a dirt magnet.

With all things considered, you can either do the cleaning of the fiberglass swimming pool yourself or use some technological help. Usually, any busy and working person would choose the latter, although I’m not opposed to elbow grease. But if you’re going to choose the help, there is no better way to do it than investing in an automatic pool cleaner.

What is an Automatic Pool Cleaner?

 Simply put, an automatic pool cleaner is a device that allows you to clean your pool without actually doing it yourself. It saves you time, and outside of the initial investment, it could also save you money going forward.

There are three types of automatic pool cleaners — suction side, pressure side, and robotic. Here’s how the three differ:

5 Best Pool Cleaners for Fiberglass Pools

Dolphin Premier

 If you’re truly looking for something that works regardless of the price tag, then look no further than the Premier. You simply get it out of the box, set it up, and it will clean your fiberglass pool in a couple of hours.

Dolphin Premier features and highlights:

There are two things that you may not like about the Dolphin Premier. One is, it’s not ideal for above-ground fiberglass pools. Second is its price point. If you do have a relatively small pool, it makes no sense buying the Premier. Plus, it is quite heavy at over 30 pounds, so you may be better off going with the other options in this list if this unit is too overwhelming.

 The Nautilus CC Plus price range is definitely up there, but if you have a large fiberglass pool, it is definitely worth a look. It has superior cleaning power and advanced technology that leaves its counterparts in the dust. Plus, it does work really well on above-ground fiberglass pools.

Nautilus CC features and highlights:

The very first suction side pool cleaner on the list, the MX8 is a cheap, hardworking machine that literally pursues stuck-on debris. It can aggressively climb walls and provides pool coverage better than any suction side cleaner that you can find.

Zodiac MX8 features and highlights:

 Comes with a Low-Flow Energy Efficient design plus a Cyclonic Scrubbing Action that effectively removes accumulated debris


I want to include something designed for above-ground pools, and that’s exactly what the Dolphin Escape offers. There is just no way to describe the way the Escape does its magic on above-ground pools– it’s terrific!

Dolphin Escape features and highlights:

It’s important to note that above-ground pools have more of a need to filter fine particles. The sad thing about the Dolphin Escape is that they are separately selling the fine particle filtration basket. If the unit only includes the fine filtration basket, then it would be damn near perfect. I guess you just can’t have everything in this world!

 We do have enough technology, premium pricing, and smart features in this list, so I want to introduce something different. This unit is highly effective and yet won’t break your budget: The Polaris Vac-Sweep 360.

The Vac-Sweep is a pressure side cleaner, which means it summons from your pool’s pressure line. It does have a fine reputation among consumers, especially ones that have tried the old 280 models. (Some have been using it for 20 years!) Overall, it does a terrific job cleaning the bottom of the pool and a somewhat satisfactory job if it has to climb on walls. It’s not intended for above-ground pools, so for best results, only use it for the smaller-sized in-ground variety.

Factors That Should Determine Your Purchase

 Above-ground or in-ground. There are automatic cleaners that are designed for in-ground and others for above-ground. The Dolphin Escape, for example, works best for above-ground, while the Polaris Vac-Sweep is ideal for in-ground pools.

 The Verdict: Best Pool Cleaners for Fiberglass Pools

 The automatic pool cleaners listed above are your best choices for fiberglass pools. Some are on the expensive side of the pricing spectrum, and some are more affordable. Yet, we can assure you that they all offer something at the table that justifies each model’s price tags. Just follow the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual, and it will truly cut your cleaning time in half. With the right automatic pool cleaner at your disposal, you’d spend more time enjoying the pool waters rather than worrying about the tough cleanup job later.

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