How Online Casino Laws In California Compared to the UK


Following the recent development in the gaming industry, unique laws now govern online casinos in various countries. Besides the USA, many countries in Europe and other parts of the world with their unique gambling legislative bills very indifferently.

In the UK, online gambling is made accessible to both visitors and legal. With over three hundred different slot games in the UK, they top the online casino slots. They provide the best casino slots available for you to play anytime. See top online slots UK to make your picks and gamble successfully.

Let’s take into account how different regions legalize their casino laws. A great comparison is between the UK and California. These geographic areas lead the world’s gambling industry. However, these two regions can distinctly compare their laws to each other. In this review, we’ll be showing the difference between casino laws in the UK and California.

Are Casinos and Online Betting Allowed in California?

In California, only tribal casinos are allowed to operate. California’s tribal casinos offer slots, video poker, keno, bingo, absolute poker, and blackjack. The use of card rooms and online roulette games is also permitted in the golden states. This unique game of card rooms allows bettors to gamble against each other rather than against the house.

Presently, there are over sixty tribal casinos and 94 other gaming establishments in California.

Minimum Age Requirement for betting in California

For any California citizen, the minimum age to gamble is 18 years old. There are no bans imposed on online gambling in the golden state. Citizens must be eighteen years old to be able to bet. The regulated legal age is 21 years to play online casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks. However, to sign up online to wager, you must be eighteen years of age in California.

Other California Gambling Laws

In California, it is illegal to accept bets on sports. However, Eighteen American jurisdictions are fighting for a law that would allow sports betting in any tribal casino and racing track. The petition against the previous law indicates there would soon be a change in California gambling laws.

Another legal betting, horse racing, is allowed, but only pari-mutuel betting is legal. That indicates players’ wagers are put in a pool. Then taxes and track fees are deducted while the pool is divided between each winner. Dog racing bets are highly prohibited in the golden states.

Another legal gambling form is the state lottery. This lottery entails a specialty of games, including Mega Millions.

Is Casino and Online Betting Legal in the UK?

Online gambling in the UK is permitted for visitors and residents to play. In the United Kingdom, a board is allowed to make laws and regulations on casinos.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) supervises any form of gambling in the country. It was proposed by the gambling act of 2005 that UKGC is the central board that oversees and imposes punishments on offenders. UKGC regulates UK casino law.

The UKGC provides licenses to UK citizens who want to start a gambling business. They allow a variety of casino games for bettors.

Age band for Betting in the UK

In the UK, the minimum age rating is 18. This setting allows young adults to play 18+ online casinos. However, citizens as young as 16 are permitted to play lotteries and football pools. In the UK, the regulated laws against gambling are lenient compared to California. In some parts of the UK, they lack minimum age requirements to play certain online games.

More on UK’s Gambling Laws

Europe’s gambling laws are lenient when compared to California’s casino laws. However, Europe is a prominent place. It has 44 countries, allowing each to regulate its laws concerning gambling. This implies that there is no common betting rule and regulation to supervise all of Europe.

A lot of online casinos are also allowed in various jurisdictions. Europe is undoubtedly the house of smart gamblers. Compared to countries in the UK, other countries outside this region also have thrilling online casino laws. Let’s check on France’s.


Many countries have different laws and regulations that govern gambling. These rules ensure transparency between punters and online casinos. You should be above 18 years of age. You should also make use of a licensed casino. On the grand scale of things, the UK seems to have more lenient laws compared to California. Adherence to these rules keeps you on a safer side while betting. Fill up your wallet and head to the casino with the aim of having fun.

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