Every Episode Of Mandalorian Ranked.

Star Wars has turned its attention to developing and growing its Disney+ TV options after wrapping up the Skywalker Saga. The first live-action series is now the major “Star Wars” product and a global hit, drawing praise and memes.

Despite the show’s largely positive reception, not every episode was a slam dunk. With that, here is the full list of “The Mandalorian” episodes ranked from highest to lowest.


IG-88, Cara Dune, and Mando were all in Moff Gideon’s clutches. Mando’s group fled to the sewers in a last-ditch attempt to rescue the Child.

The touching sacrifice of IG-88 was a high point of the program. One of the most pivotal moments of the show’s first season was Gideon’s appearance with his Dark Saber, which set the second season’s events.

“The Reckoning”

In this precursor to the season finale, all of Mando’s fortuitous contacts throughout the season paid off. He was aided by IG-88, Cara Dune, and Kuiil, taking on an enemy beyond his capabilities.

Mando was trapped in a decaying structure by Gideon’s tactical ability and brutality, while a killing team was sent to capture the Child.

“The Sin”

Mandalorian mythology was explored in “The Sin.” There was a lot of information regarding the “Great Purge,” the history of Jedi-Mandalorian relations, and the Mandalorian doctrine known as “The Way.”

The episode also lays the groundwork for Bo-quest Katan to recover the Darksaber and her rightful place as Mandalore’s monarch.

“The Mandalorian”

Despite the show’s sluggish start, the first episode of “The Mandalorian” was well-received. Setting and tone are established, but a critical twist is added in the conclusion.

IG-88, a bounty hunter robot, confronts Mando on what seems to be a regular fetch mission and realizes that the gift he meant to deliver wasn’t contraband nor spice.

“The Child”

The second episode, “The Child,” isn’t nearly as good as the first, but it was still good. With Kuiil, we learn more about the beginnings of the Child and Mando’s bond.

A vital battle against Mudhorn provided us with a glimpse of the Child’s full strength and significance. Grogu suspended the Mudhorn in mid-air as the beast closed in on Mando for the kill.

Grogu fell immediately after this use of Force power, which demonstrated that the Child was a powerful Force user who was unskilled in regulating their skills.

“The Prisoner”

This campy episode from the first season featured a slew of guest stars in an attempt to get out of a space jail. Twi’lek Xi’an was rescuing her brother with the assistance of Mando, a droid, Migs Mayfeld, and a droid.

The escape went off without a hitch, but Mando was betrayed by the motley company with whom he broke in. He avoided the double-cross and left with his life and ship unharmed.

It’s possible that the absence of Baby Yoda shenanigans, or the lack of forwarding momentum, has pushed this one to the bottom of the list.


Mando enlisted Cara Dune’s assistance to rescue a local community from invaders after arriving on the swamp planet Sogran in search of a haven for the Child.

The two built a coordinated defense against an AT-ST in return for refuge, but the effort became more difficult.

This made for a suspenseful and exciting climactic fight, but “Sanctuary” remains a one-off scenario that added nothing to the overall plot.

“The Gunslinger”

Mando did his hardest to aid a young wildcard bounty hunter in this episode, but the reckless youngster eventually turned against the master.

The fact that “The Gunslinger” was both written and directed by Dave Filoni added to the strangeness of this letdown. Suppose the showrunner or an executive producer writes and directs an episode. But sometimes, even Filoni could fall short.


While not every episode succeeds, the production did justice to Disney+’s first live-action Star Wars Comics Universe offering.

If you haven’t seen The Mandalorian yet, now is the time to get your popcorn and binge-watch each episode!

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