Elevate Your Job Application With Free Resume Templates

If you’re looking for a resume that’s easy to read and stands up well against applicant tracking systems, these free templates are perfect. They prioritize your skills and eliminate gimmicks that may trip up an ATS.

This template offers a clean, classic design ideal for any industry. It emphasizes your experience and includes sections for professional memberships and foreign languages.


Get your job application in order with a professional template that’s easy for recruiters and applicant tracking systems to scan. With a straightforward layout and clean fonts, this template gives you room to present your work history, education, and skills in an organized manner.

A clean layout with lines between sections makes this template easy for recruiters to read and understand. It also keeps your resume short enough to fit on one page (or two if necessary). This simple design will ensure your qualifications stand out to employers and help them remember you. You can also find resume examples online; pick the one that meets your need.

Designed by expert typographers, this template offers optimal readability and a visually appealing design and is ATS-friendly. All without requiring you to pay for premium features or download templates from influencers.

Space Saver

A minimalistic design that is also ATS-friendly, this template offers plenty of space for work experience. It’s an excellent option for anyone looking to make a quick career change. This template offers a clear breakdown of your work history with a professional summary followed by your experience in reverse chronological order. This ATS-friendly format is also available as a functional or combination resume.

Entry Level

A resume is your first chance to make a great impression. It can be challenging to get started without a template, especially for newcomers to the job market.

Many entry-level job applications require candidates to list formal work experience and practical experiences from school, internships, volunteer programs, and extracurricular activities. This free resume template shows you how to highlight both experiences to make your application stand out.

Whether you’re in the industry of fashion, social media, or any other creative field, you can use this template to create an attractive, professional resume for your job application. It has a simple two-column layout and a bold splash of color. It’s also optimized for ATS software. Download it here.


Designed to showcase skills in an easy-to-read way, this template puts your most important qualifications front and center. This ATS-friendly template is excellent for candidates looking to make a clear and bold impression in their job applications.

This clean and simple template emphasizes the essential parts of your work history, with sections for your resume summary and skills. It also makes it easier for hiring managers to read your work experience and understand your abilities.

This ATS-friendly template has fewer graphics and charts than many of the other templates in this collection, which can help you get past applicant tracking systems without getting scrambled or lost in translation. You can remove the line graphs for your skills section to make it even more ATS-friendly.


When applying for jobs in the creative industry, you can use your resume to show off some of your unique talents.

On the other hand, if you’re applying for a traditional role, you can opt for a simple layout that uses grids to separate sections. This layout is perfect for professional industries, making it easy for hiring managers to find the necessary information.

A uniform color scheme can also help create a cohesive look for your resume.


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