Ecommerce business Website Requirements

eCommerce is becoming more and more popular over the years, with more people considering it and starting an eCommerce website every day. However, as the competition is always growing, it’s time to think more about the eCommerce website requirements, to have a good website in 2022.

These days, it’s an even playing field when it comes to building your own business and eCommerce site, as anyone can do it. It’s been made even easier now seems you can create a free eCommerce website, which is excellent for when you’re starting out in the industry. With a free eCommerce website, it allows anyone to start their own business. It doesn’t matter whether you have no money, no experience, whether you work a 9-5 job or if you’re even scared of failing at first. With the opportunity to create a free eCommerce website, it gives you the chance to take the leap and try it out. All of the factors above don’t matter, as it’s free in the first place so you have nothing to lose.

So, with the option of being able to start a free eCommerce website, and start up your own business, it’s time to think about what eCommerce website requirements there are, and how you can make yours a good website in 2022.

eCommerce Website Requirements, For a Good Website

It’s all well and good knowing you can start a free eCommerce website for yourself, but it’s really important to know what requirements there are, in order to make it a good website. By having a good website, it will help to attract and draw potential customers in to your site. Below, are some eCommerce website requirements to help you get started.

The first thing to remember for your free eCommerce website is to keep things minimal. You don’t want to overload and overcrowd your website or customers that visit it, so it’s important to remember this when designing it. A simple interface with necessary information is key.

By using dark mode on your website, it helps to enhance visual ergonomics and reduces eye strain for the user. This is a good thing to think about, as most people spend a lot of time in front of a screen, so if they visit your site in dark mode, it can help them to relax their eyes and experience less strain. The best advantage to dark mode is that it increases customer satisfaction that the users feel when visiting your site.

Chatbots can help to provide assistance on a page, which provide visitors with an instant response, this is excellent for the customer experience. By having a chat bot available on your site, it allows users to ask any questions and get the answers straight away.

One of the most important things is protection on your platform. You will be receiving personal information of other people, so it’s only right that you go above and beyond, to make sure you’re protecting their data. Make sure you’re making the extra effort, to make sure you’re protecting your platform, and customers data.

Most people nowadays, use their mobile devices when visiting websites, so make sure you’re making your eCommerce site, mobile friendly. This is maybe something to consider at first, making sure you create a site that is mobile friendly, and then focusing on other experiences it can be used on, to make sure it works for those too. The key thing to make sure, is that it works well on a mobile device, and creates a good customer experience.

User experience is something really important to focus on, as it’s how your customers feel when using and navigating around the site. You want to make sure they’re having an excellent customer experience, that is easy and hassle free. Make sure everything is well organised on the site, not over loaded with information, and that you have visuals of your products or services. Again, remember that minimalist is key for an eCommerce site.

Essential eCommerce Website Requirements

Now we have covered some of the basic requirements and things to consider for your eCommerce site, it’s now time to look at the essential requirements for an eCommerce store. These essentials, will help you with your eCommerce store and are good to know about and consider, before proceeding with creating one.

Statistics show that more than 74% of shoppers, will leave before completing their transaction due to a complex check out process.

Things such as unexpected costs, a long check process, unclear returns policy and security issues can make things difficult and put shoppers off. Make sure to have a simple navigation page, where all information can be viewed easily. Also consider a guest checkout option for a faster and easier checkout process.

Again, having a returns policy is really important to shoppers and 63% of online shoppers said they wouldn’t purchase if they couldn’t find the returns policy. With this in mind, you want to make sure you are clearly stating the returns policy, whilst also making it easy to find on the site.

There is an increasing mobile phone usage, including online shopping. This means that a lot of people are using their mobile phones for their online shopping, or to even view a website online. Be mindful of this and make sure that your eCommerce site is mobile friendly and works well on a mobile device.

The appearance of a website can really impact the customer experience, and some people will leave the site if they find it unattractive or difficult to use. You can use customizable themes to save time and money while building your online store. Also, when designing your site, make sure you are making it easy for people to navigate around and that the design suits the brand and represents it well.

With social media being a big part of people’s lives, you should consider using social media, to help promote your site. You can reach out to customers and build your brand, through the power of social media. You can integrate your social media pages on the website too.

64% of customers find the customer experience more important than the price of products. The customer experience is often more important than the price and product to most customers, and therefore it’s important to make sure you’re giving them a great experience. Make sure the experience for them is easy and quick and also consider offering customer support to them, so if they have any questions, they can be answered.

How to Get a Free eCommerce Website

Sellvia offers a free eCommerce website, that you can get within a day. To build it from scratch, it can take 2-4 weeks, so allow this time to get it fully set up and ready. Sellvia is a great site, that helps you to create your own eCommerce site, for free. It’s great for those that are wanting to get started, but might have hold backs such as money and time.

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